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4 Reasons for a Chimney Leak

Monday, April 17th, 2017

water-leak-drippingIf water leaks through the chimney, you should be worried. Repairing that type of water damage can be difficult and costly. More importantly, though, is that it may create a health risk. There are several reasons you may notice water leaking into the home from the chimney, either towards the top, through the fireplace, or in the walls.

If you suspect a chimney leak, there may be a few different reasons for it. In order to hone in on the problem, call a professional chimney sweep for a diagnosis. The solution may be to make major renovations to the chimney or to repair a small part, but in any case, it’s worth your health and safety.

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A Few Facts about Home Dryer Fires

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

When your dryer is running, what you’re probably most concerned about is whether to fold or hang your clothing. Your last thought is that a home’s dryer could cause a potential home fire, but unfortunately, it’s far too common for us to ignore.

While we don’t think you should live in fear of a dryer fire at any moment, these tips are intended to a) help raise awareness of a disaster many people know nothing about, and b) give you the tools to prevent dryer fires in your own home. Tell a neighbor about home dryer fires, and help save a life!

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Why Does Your Fireplace Smoke?

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

cat-fireplace-hearthNothing is quite as relaxing on a cold winter night at home as lighting a fire in your fireplace and cozying up. Unless, of course, your fireplace sends smoke pouring back into your home. Not only is this unexpected; it’s a health and safety hazard as well. If you’re tired of this happening so often when you use your fireplace, we may have some solutions.

Below, find out what may be causing your fireplace to smoke when you light a fire, and some possible remedies to the situation. Otherwise, call our team for comprehensive chimney and fireplace services in Minneapolis, MN.

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