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Fireplace FAQs

Fireplace installation is a job that should only be attempted by a trained professional. In fact, many homeowners know very little about chimneys and proper chimney care. Below are some of the more common fireplace installation questions we hear from homeowners.

Do I need a new flue liner installed in my chimney if I’ve just replaced my fireplace?

The best way to tell if you need a chimney flue re–lining service is to call a certified chimney technician for a cleaning and inspection. They’ll use the latest in video technology to fully inspect the inside of your flue and check the condition of your entire liner. If there are obvious issues in the preliminary exam, such as large cracks or pieces missing, you may want to think about installing a stainless steel liner.

Homeowners that use wood burning stoves and fireplaces as their primary heat source should always have a stainless steel liner. If you’ve had a chimney or house fire recently, or if you have upgraded your heating system, you may need a new liner. You should always have a technician inspect your entire chimney system after a fire or system upgrade. This inspection can provide a detailed assessment and recommendations for any new installations.

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Can I install my gas log insert myself?

For your safety, you should hire a qualified technician who is trained to work with gas appliances to install your gas logs. Faulty wiring, poor ventilation, and improper flue size are all dangers to consider when installing a gas log fireplace or insert. Prefabricated gas log fireplaces are manufactured as a single chimney and fireplace unit, and these should definitely be installed by a certified chimney technician. Gas and carbon monoxide can be a hazard if you aren’t familiar with gas piping and venting.

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Is it possible to install my factory–built wood stove insert into my existing fireplace?

Many prefabricated wood stove inserts are designed to work with a specific chimney that is factory tested and installed with your insert. However, some wood stove inserts can be installed in an existing fireplace. When you hire a reputable chimney contractor to install your insert, the technician will be able to determine if your new stove is compatible with your existing chimney system. Making sure that the insert is properly insulated and sealed within the fireplace is very important for a number of reasons, but most importantly for your safety. An unqualified contractor or homeowner could make the mistake of installing inserts with a flue that is the wrong size or material.

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