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Rogers, MN Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping

The certified chimney technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys always provide our customers with reliable and efficient service. When we sweep your chimney, we also perform a preliminary inspection to check the overall condition of your chimney. We can also make any needed minor repairs and give you recommendations for restorations. We offer the most comprehensive chimney services in Rogers, MN. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Rogers, MN Chimney Flue Cleaning

A clean chimney flue improves ventilation, increases efficiency, and ensures your safety. Creosote deposits can build up inside the flue of a wood burning appliance, and this can be a fire hazard and become corrosive over time. Animal nests and large pieces of debris can also clog your chimney flue and create a number of problems. Having the right flue liners will help prevent ventilation issues, but it is important to have your flue cleaned once a year to remove anything that might be clogging the flue. We also install chimney caps and animal screens to keep wildlife and rain out of your flue. The technicians at 2nd Generation will check for cracks or large gaps in the liner. Traditionally, flue liners were made with clay or tile, and these commonly create problems because of cracking over time. Even if you have a furnace or gas logs, you should still have a professional clean your flue annually.

Rogers, MN Animal Removal

The chimney technicians at 2nd Generation are prepared to remove animals and their nests from your chimney. We can also install preventative measures such as mesh screens for your chimney and roof vents. When animals get into your chimney system, they also have access to your crawlspaces and walls. Small rodents can chew through insulation and wires creating expensive damages. Don’t let animals get trapped inside your chimney; call 2nd Generation today to have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

Rogers, MN Fireplace Cleaning

Our technicians are qualified to clean all types of fireplaces, whether your Rogers, MN home has a traditional masonry fireplace or a prefabricated fireplace. Factory–built fireplaces typically come with a special chimney designed to work with that fireplace model, and the techs at 2nd Generation are trained to clean and inspect all makes and models of prefab fireplaces. After we clean out the ash and scrub the firebox, we will examine the inside of your fireplace to make sure there are no imperfections. It’s important to have your gas logs and inserts cleaned as well. You should only hire a professional chimney sweep to clean gas–fired appliances since there’s a potential of carbon monoxide intrusion when working with gas.

Rogers, MN Woodstove & Pellet Stove Cleaning

Regular cleanings and inspections for your wood burning or pellet stove are essential for safety reasons. Dangerous creosote buildup can eventually corrode the inside your flue, or it can cause a chimney fire. Even though pellet stoves burn cleaner fuel, they still need to be maintained and cleaned. The technicians at 2nd Generation will also check all the parts of the arm and hopper. Call us any time to set up an appointment for your wood or pellet stove cleaning.

Rogers, MN Chimney Cleaning Company

You can count on us to provide thorough chimney cleanings for the heating system in your Rogers, MN home, no matter what type of fuel you use. Remember that your furnace or boiler may also be vented through your chimney, which will also need regular checkups. We also provide comprehensive inspections, so call 2nd Generation for all your chimney needs.

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Great Professional Service

Arrived on time within a week of initial contact. Cleaning and inspection of two fireplaces. Very informative and was very patient with all my questions. Offered many possibilities to resolve problems found. Left property clean.

Troy I.

Troy I.

Doing a double camera inspection and clean

Near Rush Creek Blvd, Rogers, MN 55374
Rogers, MN - Doing a double camera inspection and clean
Tyler S.

Tyler S.

Double camera inspection on their chimney.

Near Hillside Dr, Rogers, MN 55374
Rogers, MN - Double camera inspection on their chimney.
Tyler S.

Tyler S.

Dryer vent cleaning

Near 130th Ave N, Rogers, MN 55374
Rogers, MN - Dryer vent cleaning
Tyler S.

Tyler S.

Performed a double video camera inspection on their fireplace.

Near Territorial Rd, Rogers, MN 55374
Rogers, MN - Performed a double video camera inspection on their fireplace.
Troy I.

Troy I.

Duct cleaning

Near Brookside Ln N, Rogers, MN 55374
Rogers, MN - Duct cleaning