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4 Common Chimney Repairs Homeowners Make in the Off-Season

June 26th, 2017

chimney-masonry-worn-brickSummer is finally here, and you’ve quit using your fireplace and chimney for the changing seasons months ago. Why should you have to worry about the condition of your chimney now? If not, you might be stuck with problems that make it impossible to use your fireplace and chimney during the winter. Even worse, you might not know about problems within your chimney that make it incredibly unsafe to use.

Summer is the perfect time to schedule that chimney inspection and make sure your home has an extra layer of protection from fire. Repairing your chimney could also help protect your home from water leaks throughout the year, preventing you from having to spend thousands to for water damage repair and mold restoration. Here are just a few of the repairs we make for homeowners for their chimneys during the off-season.

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Is Your Chimney Safe for the Summer?

June 12th, 2017

chimney-treesYou may have heard before that it’s so important to clean out and inspect your chimney each year. Chimney cleaning is a professional service that can protect your home from fires, but should you really worry about this now that temperatures are rising and you don’t plan to use your chimney and fireplace for several months?

We think so. Spring and summer are perhaps the best times to schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping. You can prevent problems that would cause a potential fire in the colder seasons, and even help to prevent damage to your home that can occur at any time of year. Here’s why your chimney might not be safe for summer and why you should call chimney sweeps this season.

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What Technicians Are Looking for During a Chimney Inspection

June 6th, 2017

man-shadow-chimney-cleanHopefully, you’ve heard before just how important it is to schedule a chimney inspection each year. We tell our customers and neighbors this all the time, but you might feel as though you can do a sufficient job yourself. We’re here to tell you it takes experience. A trained chimney sweep can recognize problems, and carries the right tools to detect problems sooner.

Want to know what professional chimney sweeps are looking for during an annual inspection? Take a look. It’s more complex than you may think.

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Some Alternatives to Clay Tile Flue Liners

May 29th, 2017

chimney-fire-top-bottomA chimney is not complete without a liner. Chimney fires are more common than you think, and you may have experienced one before without even realizing it. While you should do whatever you can to prevent a chimney fire—using a dry seasoned wood, proper ventilation, regular cleaning—what’s just as important is making sure a fire cannot spread to the outside of the home.

A chimney liner stops flames from potentially spreading to the outside of the house. It helps to prevent chimney fires from occurring in the first place, and reduces water damage to a masonry chimney. There are many different types of chimney liners available, but one receives some critique. Think clay tile is the wrong choice for your next liner? We offer some advice here, but call a chimney sweep for more information about services available in your area.

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3 Things That Can Happen to a Chimney in the Spring and Summer

May 15th, 2017

chimney-with-capAs the weather warms up, you’re probably not going to think much about using your chimney and fireplace. That doesn’t mean your chimney is immune to problems. You can actually run into a lot of problems with your chimney or fireplace in the spring and summer, especially if you don’t call a technician for routine inspection and cleaning this year.

Take a look at a few of the problems you might run into this spring and summer, and make sure your chimney is in tip-top shape before it’s back in service in the fall.

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We Use SmartScan Technology to Inspect Your Chimney Flue

May 8th, 2017

chimney-fire-top-bottomYour chimney may not be in as good of a condition as you think. Hopefully, your chimney is lined with a flue liner, a liner most likely made of steel or clay tiles, that protects the masonry from damage. It stops a potential chimney fire from spreading to the outside of the home, but that doesn’t make it infallible.

When a chimney liner is filled with flammable materials, or when the chimney liner is compromised structurally, it puts your home at risk. Schedule your annual chimney cleaning and inspection with a technician who uses SmartScan technology to check out the chimney liner.

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A Chimney Sweep’s FAQ About Chimney Cleaning

May 1st, 2017

chimney-fire-top-bottomIt may not be the prime time of year for chimney sweeps, but we still want to make sure you get the information you need to stay safe. As the weather warms up, it presents the perfect opportunity to repair a damaged chimney, install a new fireplace, or schedule your routine chimney cleaning. Before you do, however, you might have some questions.

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4 Reasons for a Chimney Leak

April 17th, 2017

water-leak-drippingIf water leaks through the chimney, you should be worried. Repairing that type of water damage can be difficult and costly. More importantly, though, is that it may create a health risk. There are several reasons you may notice water leaking into the home from the chimney, either towards the top, through the fireplace, or in the walls.

If you suspect a chimney leak, there may be a few different reasons for it. In order to hone in on the problem, call a professional chimney sweep for a diagnosis. The solution may be to make major renovations to the chimney or to repair a small part, but in any case, it’s worth your health and safety.

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A Few Facts about Home Dryer Fires

April 11th, 2017

When your dryer is running, what you’re probably most concerned about is whether to fold or hang your clothing. Your last thought is that a home’s dryer could cause a potential home fire, but unfortunately, it’s far too common for us to ignore.

While we don’t think you should live in fear of a dryer fire at any moment, these tips are intended to a) help raise awareness of a disaster many people know nothing about, and b) give you the tools to prevent dryer fires in your own home. Tell a neighbor about home dryer fires, and help save a life!

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Why Does Your Fireplace Smoke?

April 3rd, 2017

cat-fireplace-hearthNothing is quite as relaxing on a cold winter night at home as lighting a fire in your fireplace and cozying up. Unless, of course, your fireplace sends smoke pouring back into your home. Not only is this unexpected; it’s a health and safety hazard as well. If you’re tired of this happening so often when you use your fireplace, we may have some solutions.

Below, find out what may be causing your fireplace to smoke when you light a fire, and some possible remedies to the situation. Otherwise, call our team for comprehensive chimney and fireplace services in Minneapolis, MN.

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