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Hudson, WI Dryer Vent Cleaning

Professional dryer vent cleanings are an important fire prevention service, but a thorough cleaning and inspection can also increase efficiency and lower your utility bills. The technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys are qualified to clean and inspect your entire ventilation system, including your chimney and dryer vents. We always put the safety of our Hudson, WI customers first, and we provide the most comprehensive duct cleaning services in the business. Call any time to set up a dryer vent cleaning appointment with one of our expert technicians.

Hudson, WI Fire Prevention

When lint builds up inside the ducts and vents to your dryer, it can cause a fire or a carbon monoxide intrusion if you have a gas dryer in your Hudson, WI home. The lint trap is not large enough to catch all debris from clothing, so it ends up in your dryer vents and exhaust hose and will build over time. Call 2nd Generation to provide a professional cleaning for your dryer vent system. Help prevent a dangerous house fire and call today!

Hudson, WI Dryer Exhaust Hose Replacement

If your dryer exhaust hose has tears, holes, or if you have a vinyl or foil hose, it needs to be replaced with a fire–resistant metal hose. In addition to being a fire hazard, a faulty dryer exhaust hose can also restrict airflow and increase your drying time and energy costs. A dryer box and hose system that can be installed in the wall behind the dryer is the safest way to vent your clothes dryer. If you’ve noticed efficiency issues with the dryer in your Hudson, WI home, call 2nd Generation as soon as possible. There could be a hidden hazard or other immediate repair needs.

Hudson, WI Dryer Vent Problems

Dryers in older homes are sometimes installed incorrectly, and older dryers often have the wrong type of exhaust hose attached. Both of these issues can lead to fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and higher energy bills for your Hudson, WI home. When you call 2nd Generation to clean your dryer ventilation system, we will also check to make sure that you have a non–flammable hose and that the dryer is installed properly. Our experts will handle any job as safely and efficiently as possible, so give us a call today.

Hudson, WI Dryer Vent Cleaners

The qualified chimney and ventilation technicians at 2nd Generation always provide fast and reliable dryer vent cleaning service. We care about the safety of our Hudson, WI customers, so we perform with that in mind. When you need dryer vent or chimney cleaning services, you can trust us to take care of all your ventilation needs. We’re always happy to hear from our customers, so give us a call today.

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great service

Map of Hudson, WI

very helpful and educational

The technician was efficient and thorough, and he provided very helpful information and explanations throughout the process. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, and now we have good information on which to base our decisions regarding servicing our chimney. I do not know how the service compares to that of other companies in terms of price because I did not check other companies. (I just went by the BBB rating of A+ and the recommendation of a realtor.) However, the information and service we received was well worth the money! And he technician (David) was very nice and enjoyable to work with.

Troy I.

Troy I.

Chimney clean and camera inspection

Near Laurel Ave, Hudson, WI 54016
Hudson, WI - Chimney clean and camera inspection
Troy I.

Troy I.

Applying flash seal, crown coat, and chimney saver. Installed top mounted damper

Near County Rd E, Hudson, WI 54016
Hudson, WI - Applying flash seal, crown coat, and chimney saver. Installed top mounted damper
Troy I.

Troy I.

Dryer vent cleaning

Near Grange Rd, Hudson, WI 54016
Hudson, WI - Dryer vent cleaning
David P.

David P.

Chimney Repair Estimate

Near County Rd E, Hudson, WI 54016
Hudson, WI - Chimney Repair Estimate