Flue Cracks and Other Chimney Issues You Might Have

January 30th, 2023

Sometimes, instinct can tell you when something is wrong around you. That’s why parents get that “uh-oh” feeling when their children suddenly get quiet. Other times, you may need some extra help to determine if there is a problem in your environment.

Figuring out whether there is a problem to address with your fireplace or chimney is a situation that falls well into the second category. You may have a sense that something is wrong, but instinct won’t help you diagnose the issue. Figuring out what is wrong with your chimney requires a chimney inspection in Edina, MN in order to determine what the best service is to fix that issue.

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A Tilting Chimney Isn’t Picturesque, It’s a Problem

January 16th, 2023

We’ve all seen those pretty paintings of cottages with thatched roofs and brick chimneys with a slight tilt to them. In those pictures, things look picturesque and peaceful and they very well may be. Part of that peacefulness comes with a problem though.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a tilting chimney is quaint because it is actually dangerous for you and everyone in your home.

Professionals know that a variety of problems can lead to a tilt in your chimney. We also know that this is an issue that can be righted with chimney repair in Minneapolis. Learn more about the issue and the solution here.

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The Steps to Follow for a Fireplace Installation

December 19th, 2022

After returning from a party at a friend’s house, you can’t stop thinking about their fireplace! Yes, the food spread they put together was amazing, but you were also impressed by how well the fireplace brought the room together. What’s more, you realized that the heater wasn’t running all that much because the fireplace kept the room perfectly comfortable.

Whether your visit got you thinking about a fireplace installation in Minneapolis, MN for the first time or you’ve been dreaming about it for years, it’s time to make your fireplace dreams a reality. The experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. are here to help you every step of the way!

3 Steps for Any Fireplace Installation

You’ve decided that you want a fireplace installed in your house. However, it isn’t as easy as waving a magic wand and having the new, beautiful, expertly installed fireplace appear. While calling us will get the process started easily, there are steps to be aware of beforehand so you know what all is entailed.

1. Figure Out the Type of Fireplace You Want

We aren’t just talking about the visual style of your fireplace here although you’ll need to consider that factor too. The biggest question you’ll need to answer when getting a fireplace installed in your house is whether you’re getting a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace. This can be an easy choice based on whether you already have a gas line connection or whether it’s in your budget to install a gas line in addition to your new fireplace.

2. Determine Where It Should Be

You don’t want to have a technician show up to install your fireplace and tell them they can just “put it anywhere.” This isn’t like a portable heater; a fireplace is installed by making a hole in your wall and installing the fireplace and chimney.

This can be as easy as letting your installer know which room you want the fireplace to be in and determining which part of the room is viable for the installation. Even easier, you may be able to install a gas fireplace insert into the space where your wood-burning fireplace is.

If you have trouble choosing, you can talk to our professionals about the best place to install your fireplace. We’ll make sure that we take your wants and needs and your budget into consideration along with what’s possible for your home.

3. Choose a Time for Your Installation and Keep Your Calendar Clear!

You know what type of fireplace you want to get installed and where you want it. Depending on if you have a fireplace already that you are switching around or you’re installing a fireplace from scratch, you can trust our team to get your installation taken care of. Just be aware that this installation may take a day or it may take several days.

Why not make this holiday season the time that you finally get the fireplace you’ve been dreaming of? Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to schedule your fireplace installation.

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Let’s Make Sure a Furry Friend Didn’t Make Your Chimney Their Home

December 5th, 2022

Temperatures have dropped which means that everyone is trying to stay in areas that are warm and dry. This doesn’t apply to just humans; critters and creepy crawlers are trying to find cozy places to hole up for the winter. In fact, they may already have found a spot they love and never want to leave: your chimney.

Your chimney needs to be unobstructed when you want to use it. But if there is a nest stuffed in there or damage to the flue from an animal invasion, you’ll have a hard time getting your fireplace to function properly. Getting a chimney inspection in Minneapolis, MN is a great way to see if you need to clear out left-behind animal debris or evict some small invaders from your chimney before the fire is lit.

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3 Reasons You Need To Have Your Chimney Cleaned

November 21st, 2022

Your chimney doesn’t move (unless you count the damper) but it serves a highly important role in your house. The chimney is the part of your fireplace that directs smoke and gas out of the house, along with any sparks or soot. This helps keep your home safe and healthy, along with keeping the fire going.

Much like how you’d want to clear a down tree branch blocking traffic or fill a pothole in a roadway, you want to keep your chimney clean, clear, and whole in order to keep things flowing the right way. The best way to ensure the well-being of your chimney is by scheduling a chimney cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. And we’ll explain why.

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You’ll Thank Yourself For Installing a Gas Fireplace

November 7th, 2022

When it comes to having a fireplace in your home, it is good to know you have options. And no, we aren’t just talking about choosing the size of the fireplace or selecting the bricks or tiles that will decorate the facade (although you will get to choose those too).

These days you have a new option for your fireplace fuel source. You no longer have to buy or chop up wood for your fireplace if you don’t want to. This is because you can opt for a gas fireplace instead.

If you are curious to learn more about getting a gas fireplace in your home, then read on!

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Fireplace Safety Measures to Remember This Season

October 24th, 2022

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to start up the fireplace on a cold night and spend some quality time with your loved ones. This cozy set-up really draws people in. We want you to enjoy this time but we want you to also enjoy it safely.

As you start using your fireplace more often, or you get ready to start up your fireplace for the first time, we want to give you a couple of reminders to improve your safety. This way you can enjoy the use of you’re fireplace and chimney without worry.

Here are some of the safety measures you should keep in mind this season and the next.

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Never Ignore a Smelly Chimney

October 10th, 2022

Hoping to use your home’s fireplace and chimney soon? It is a great way to add some much-enjoyed warmth to your home, not to mention making the room itself seem that much cozier.

The problem is, you might be avoiding doing this. Why? Because there is something in your chimney that smells.

A smelly chimney is a problem. Thankfully though, it is also a problem that has a solution. Read on to find out more about what your nose might be picking up on and when you contact us to address the smell.

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Make Sure Your Chimney Is Ready

September 26th, 2022

The fall season is officially here. That means that it is only going to get colder by the day. If you haven’t already, you are likely going to be using your fireplace and chimney on a somewhat regular basis to keep your home a bit warmer.

Our question is this: is your chimney ready to be used? All too often we see homeowners through Minneapolis and St. Paul start up their fireplace and encounter the trouble created by a dirty chimney.

Avoid the hassle. Use your chimney without worry this season by scheduling a chimney inspection and cleaning in Minneapolis. We’ll explain more about this service below.

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4 Signs You Need Fireplace Repair

September 12th, 2022

The fireplace in your house has been there for many years. In fact, lately it has crossed the threshold from looking “well-loved” over into the arena of “worn down.”

This will happen! Time and the elements will have their impact on everything and your fireplace is no exception, even with regular maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean you should just leave it as is.

Take a look at your fireplace today and consider if you notice any of the following issues with it. If you do, then we hope you contact us to get a fireplace repair in Minneapolis taken care of.

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