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Pellet Stove Chimney Cleaning

Whether you use wood pellets in a freestanding stove, fireplace insert, or furnace, scheduling routine maintenance visits will help keep it clean and efficient. Any wood burning application will create creosote buildup inside the flue, which can be flammable if it is not removed regularly. Cracks or gaps in the flue provide openings for embers to cause fires in the walls, and they create drafts that will only add oxygen to chimney fires.

At 2nd Generation Chimneys, we want you to feel secure and safe in your home. That’s why we offer comprehensive sweeping services and inspections to our customers in the Minneapolis area. Not only do we provide cleanings and inspections, we also offer repair and replacement services. You can trust us to provide the best chimney services in the business. Call us any time to schedule an appointment.

Pellet Fuel & Pellet Appliances

Heating with pellet fuel—usually made from agricultural waste, sawdust, wood chips, paper, and other organic waste materials—provides highly efficient heat without polluting the air with byproducts produced by other common fuels. Pellets can be used in all types of heating appliances, and some manufacturers are now designing furnaces and boilers to use pellet fuel; however, they are more commonly used in stoves and fireplace inserts. Many homeowners install pellet stoves for their efficiency and convenience, since most pellet stoves only need to be refueled once a day. Pellet appliances also have an electronic feeding arm that detects the heat output and drops in a few pellets when the inside temperature drops below the desired setting.

Although pellet fuel appliances can reduce energy costs, they have more components that may need repair over time. They also use electricity to operate the feeding device and other parts, which can offset the savings. In addition, pellet fuel may not be readily available near your home, so you want to check for suppliers before you install a pellet stove or insert. You’ll also need to consider the different pellet fuel grades, which determine the amount of ash produced from burning the organic material. Call us if you have any questions or would like to know more about pellet stove maintenance.

Burning Pellet Fuel

While pellet stoves use cleaner fuel and create less creosote, the flues and fireboxes still need regular maintenance and cleanings. Depending on the grade of fuel, you could have a lot of ash buildup that needs to be completely removed on a routine basis. You’ll also want to make sure all the parts are working correctly so that the right amount of fuel is being used. Our technicians can clean and inspect your pellet stove to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently. Call us for a cleaning today.

Pellet Stove Flues & Liners

Most chimney experts recommend stainless steel flue liners for wood and pellet stoves because they are made of non–flammable metal and many are manufactured with titanium to prevent corrosion. When you install a new pellet stove, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right size and type of flue. Another advantage to stainless steel is that some of them are made of flexible material and can fit most flue types, even if there’s a bend in it. They can also be cut to size so that the liner has a tight fit inside the flue. Chimney fires and house fires are less likely to happen if your pellet appliance flue is lined with stainless steel because they do not crack like traditional clay liners. We will check the condition of your flue liner any time we clean your stove and chimney, so call us to help protect your home from fire hazards.

Pellet Stove Cleaning Services

At 2nd Generation, our qualified chimney technicians provide cleaning and inspection services for any style of pellet stove. Our customers in the Twin Cities area rely on us to ensure the safety and comfort of their homes. Call any time with questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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