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Fireplace Repair

We repair and replace all types of fireplaces. If your fireplace has cracks or other problems, it will burn fuel less efficiently or create a safety hazard. Some inserts are designed without a need for ventilation, but most inserts require a flue to vent gas or smoke.

When you call 2nd Generation Chimneys to repair your fireplace, we will also inspect your flue and damper to ensure that you have proper ventilation. Whether you need a fireplace repair or installation, our certified chimney technicians are equipped for the job. We provide expert fireplace repair in homes across the Minneapolis area, so call us today for quick and professional service.

                Fireplace Repair Tip

If there are any cracks in the mortar of your fireplace, or the cement between the bricks of your chimney, it is a good idea to fill these cracks with fresh mortar. Not just any mortar is going to be a sufficient substitution for chimney mortar. You need special mortar that can hold up to extremely high temperatures. These materials can be purchased at masonry stores, or perhaps a large hardware store.

When is It Time for a Fireplace Repair?

Excess smoke is one sign of the need for fireplace repairs. While you may just be burning the wrong type of wood, you could also have the wrong size flue or another issue within the fireplace. If you notice that the firebox (the place where the wood is burned) is cracked or looks damaged, it is definitely time to call a certified chimney technician. Cracks or holes in your fireplace will cause heat loss, but more importantly, they are a leading cause of house fires. Sparks and high flames can escape through these cracks and set fire to the insulation and other materials in the walls or ceiling.

Damper Repairs

If your damper is not working properly, you could be getting moisture in your chimney, and you are losing a lot of heat when your damper is open and you are not using your fireplace. We offer only top quality dampers, caps, and chimney screens to keep moisture and small animals out of your chimney. Our technicians are experienced with repairing all types of dampers, including cap and screen combinations. Call today to learn more about our products and repair services.

A top sealing damper is the key. Less expensive to replace, this damper system provides a tight seal and has shown consistent $100 + savings on heating bills in a single season. This damper is easily installed on the top of your chimney by a qualified technician. 2nd Generation Chimneys offers these dampers at a reasonable price, and we are factory authorized to service and install these dampers. Let a 2nd Generation Chimneys technician install one for you today.

In addition to our custom caps, we carry nothing but the best in brand name chimney caps. Homesaver has been building quality tops for over twenty years. Their single flue chimney top attaches directly to the flue tile, and provides economical protection for your home. The top–mounted multi flue chimney top attaches directly to the chimney crown, protecting the flue as well as the crown. Available in Stainless Steel, Black Galvanized, and Copper.

The Chimilator is an energy saving top sealing damper that includes a stainless steel animal/rain cap. And a multiple setting handle. The Chimilator Deluxe comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Please call for pricing.

Fireplace Insert Repair

Preventative maintenance for your fireplace insert or wood burning stove, includes regular sweeping services and inspections. Our chimney and fireplace technicians make sure to provide a complete cleaning of your insert, including the flue and firebox, so that we can check for any needed repairs. We can repair or install dampers and spark arrestors, which help protect your home from potential hazards. If you installed the insert yourself or had another contractor install it, we will inspect it for any installation issues, such as improper flue or chimney size. Many chimneys are not compatible with factory built inserts, since most prefab inserts are designed to work with the chimney that is part of the unit. If you notice any issues with your insert, call one of our fireplace experts today.

Fireplace Repair Company

The expert technicians at 2nd Generation provide fireplace repair, routine maintenance, and installation services to customers in the Twin Cities area. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete chimney inspection, our technicians are committed to customer satisfaction and providing quality and reliable repair services. Call us for any of your fireplace repair needs.

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