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Chimney Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Annual cleanings and inspections will help prevent the need for chimney repairs, but over time, the components of your chimney can wear down or get damaged from extreme weather conditions. Chimney liners, flues, dampers, caps, and screens are all important components of your ventilation system. It is important to take care of any repair needs as soon as you notice any problems with your chimney. If you're looking for chimney repairs in Minneapolis, MN, you're in the right place!

The qualified technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys can handle all of your chimney repair needs. Whether you need minor repairs, chimney part replacements, or masonry repairs, our chimney experts provide efficient and quality repair services to customers in the Minneapolis area. We also offer routine maintenance and annual inspections, so call us today for all of your chimney service needs.

Chimney Repairs Tip

Another reason you should consider getting your chimney repaired in Minneapolis is because you could be losing heat through a faulty vent. If you notice that your chimney is drafty, that could be an indication that there is more deterioration occurring. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys with any questions.

Chimney Flue Repairs

A properly–sized flue in good condition is another important component of your fireplace and chimney system. Homes heated with a gas furnace or gas logs should also have a well–functioning flue with proper liners. Carbon monoxide, which is a by–product of burning gas fuel, is a dangerous and odorless gas that could leak into your home if there’s improper ventilation. Dampers and chimney screens also protect your flue from weather damage and animal infestation. If you have any problems with your flue, call us. We’ll cover all your chimney repair in Minneapolis, MN needs.

Chimney Restoration & Masonry Repair Services

Chimney masonry can lose its integrity with time, exposure to extreme weather, poorly–designed construction, or the use of improper building materials. When bricks become loose or cracked, it can cause a leaning chimney, which is unsafe and inefficient. If you notice any exterior damage on your chimney, including a bad cap or damper top, call a qualified chimney restoration professional. There could be other issues that you are not aware of, so it is important that you have your entire chimney system inspected at least once a year.

Chimney Sealing & Resurfacing

Chimney sealing provides protection from weather with the application of a waterproof and breathable sealant. You should only hire a professional chimney service to seal and repair your masonry chimney, because many sealants on the market are non–permeable. These sealants to masonry could further damage the bricks and mortar because they don’t allow the chimney to "breathe," which allows the trapped moisture to escape while preventing moisture from the outside from being absorbed into the masonry. Our chimney repair techs are also qualified and equipped to resurface damaged chimneys. Repairing or replacing broken or missing bricks should always be done before a chimney sealing. Call us for quality chimney sealing and resurfacing services.

Chimney Liners

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. provides quality chimney liner installations and services for your chimney. Chimney liners are designed so that smoke and gases can leave your home through the flue without any chance of a fire. Give us a call to discuss options for your chimney liners in Minneapolis, MN, today!

Chimney Relining

Clay and tile liners can be more hazardous than stainless steel liners because they can crack and create creosote buildup in homes heated with wood or coal. Yearly inspections and cleanings are important to remove creosote deposits and inspect the liner for cracks or other air leak and heat loss issues. If your chimney does not have a liner, you should have one installed to protect your home from fires or carbon monoxide intrusion. Chimney relining is actually more cost–effective than rebuilding a chimney because there are less materials and labor costs. Stainless steel liners are also built to absorb the heat better than traditional liners. Our chimney experts specialize in chimney liner installations and re–lining services. If you have any concerns about your liner, call us today.

Minneapolis Chimney Repair Company

The qualified technicians at 2nd Generation can handle all of your chimney repair needs. Whether you need minor repairs, chimney part replacements, or chimney crown replacement, our chimney experts provide efficient and quality repair services to customers in the Twin Cities area. We also offer routine maintenance and annual inspections too, so call us today for any of your chimney service needs.

Chimney Repair Tips

The best type of chimney liners for chimney repairs are cast in place liners.  These type of liners are made from a cement type material, and are good for all types of fires.  Aluminum is also a material that can be used because it can be manipulated into any design relatively easy.

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