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Top–Mounted Energy Efficient Dampers in Minneapolis, MN by 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

A fireplace can be a fantastic source of beauty and ambience for a home, but it’s often viewed as a wasteful use of energy. You can use your fireplace as an efficient source of heat if you insist on excellent service from professional fireplace and chimney technicians. 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. can help you receive the best service from the hearth in your home, providing warmth to the rooms without letting all the heat in the rooms fly up the flue and into the outdoors.

One service we offer that will help you conserve indoor heat with your chimney is the installation of a top-mounted energy efficient damper. The standard chimney uses a single damper, located down near the bottom of the chimney where the homeowner can manipulate it by hand. The inclusion of a top-mounted damper helps better seal your fireplace against heat loss—which is extremely important in a place that can grow as cold as Minneapolis, MN. Call us today to find out more about this energy-efficient installation.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. provides top-mounted energy efficient damper services in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule service.

How a Top–Mounted Damper Works

A single damper at the bottom of the fireplace will still allow heat to escape from a house during the colder seasons, when the warmth from a heating system will strain to find any way to rise to the outside. If you heat a whistling sound from your chimney during the winter even when the damper is closed, you are likely losing heat around the damper.

A top–mounted damper provides much better sealing to prevent heat loss. This second damper is placed on the crown of the chimney, much like a chimney cap. However, where a chimney cap has open sides, a top–sealing damper closes off the crown entirely. (Effectively, it also serves the job of a cap, doing double duty. Even when open, the top damper has a screen to prevent animal intrusions.) A long cable runs from the damper down the flue and attaches to a handle that the homeowner can manipulate to open and close the damper when needed, just as with the bottom damper.

How effective is this addition to your chimney when it comes to energy savings? Tests have shown that a top–mounted damper will reduce heating costs during the winter by $100. Considering the low installation costs, a top–mounted damper will quickly pay for itself thanks to its energy efficiency.

Call Us to Install and Service a Top–Mounted Energy Efficient Damper

A top–mounted damper is not a difficult installation for a professional. (We must emphasize that you should never try to do the installation yourself; it’s potentially dangerous and could result in a leaky and inefficient damper.) One of our technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. can take care of the job for you in only a short time. We offer the Chimalator top–sealing damper model, which includes a stainless steel animal and rain cap. We are factory–authorized to service and install these top–mounted dampers. Once you have yours in place, you can always rely on us to take care of any problem you should encounter with it. We are confident in our services and believe you should have few troubles ahead thanks to our work.

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