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Chimney Crown Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

Is your crown protecting your chimney? Does it look like it’s falling apart? Do you want to make certain that your crown replacement is completed correctly? When it comes to crown replacement and various other fireplace and chimney services in the greater Minneapolis, MN area, we can take care of every detail. Our trained and experienced technicians are eager to assist you in whatever way they can, and we enjoy doing what we do every day. Crown replacement may be necessary at your household, and it’s imperative that this service be taken care of by a professional—that is, if you want the job done right, and your new crown to last as long as it should. Since 2001, we have been taking care of our customers, and we’re not going to stop any time soon. Contact us today for crown replacement and various other services.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers outstanding chimney crown replacement and other services in the greater Minneapolis, MN area.

What is Crown Replacement?

A chimney crown is a critical part of the chimney because it is responsible for protecting the top of the chimney from precipitation such as snow, sleet, and rain throughout the year. Unlike the cap, which prevents debris and animals from entering the chimney, the crown is designed to protect the very top of the brick and mortar from water damage. Whether or not your crown is sealed, water damage is a threat to every chimney.

Brick and mortar are porous substances, and when subjected to sufficient precipitation, they can begin to deteriorate. The crown is designed to bear the brunt of such exposure, but even the crown will need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Chimney crown replacement involves not just a quick coat of mortar over the old crown, but a comprehensive replacement.

By removing the old crown and getting back to the brick and mortar below, we’ll make sure that the bond between your chimney and its crown is strong and capable of weathering the storms ahead. We use a variety of materials and can customize a crown to suit the particular needs of your chimney. Don’t hesitate to get in touch about the status of your crown if you suspect it needs professional care.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Chimney’s Crown

It’s imperative that you hire an expert to take care of your chimney crown replacement if you suspect that something may be wrong with it. But how will you know? There are various signs that your chimney’s crown is in rough shape. For example, if you notice that the concrete at the top of your chimney is cracked, or chunks are beginning to fall off, then the time is ripe for crown replacement. That said, it can also be difficult to take a look at a structure so inaccessible. Our routine chimney and fireplace inspection is the best way to keep a close watch over the status of your crown.

For Crown Replacement in Minneapolis, MN, Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trained professionals today for all of your crown replacement and repair needs in Minneapolis, MN.

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