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Chimney Damper Installation

The chimney technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys are qualified to handle any of your chimney cleaning or installation needs. We offer quality products, including flue dampers, flue linings, chimney caps, and animal screens. These are all important for preventing fires, water damage, and animal infestation.

Our customers in the Minneapolis area know that they can count on us to provide only best chimney damper brands and services. We can provide all of your chimney repair and restoration needs, and we also perform Level 1, 2, and 3 inspections. Regardless of your chimney style or size, we can take care of your fireplace and chimney services. Call us any time to set up an appointment with one of our experts.

Chimney Crown Protection

Protecting your chimney crown from weather damage is an important part of preventative maintenance. While all crowns eventually wear down, the more you protect them, the less chances of moisture penetrating the joints below the crown. Waterproof and permeable sealants are recommended to protect the masonry for the entire chimney structure, but it is especially important that your crown is sealed. Installing a chimney rain cover can also deflect some of the water, as well as keeping rain out of the flue. Call us if you’d like to know more about installing a new cap or upgrading to a cap and animal screen combination for extra security.

Chimney Rain Covers

We sell and install quality rain covers for your chimney, and we will discuss all of your options to find the most cost–effective protection for your crown and flue. Single flue caps can be installed with or without a damper attached. The dampers in older fireplaces may no longer seal properly, which causes heat loss, moisture problems, and corrosion in some cases. Installing a cap and damper system is an easy way to solve this problem. We are happy to answer all your questions, so call us today and ask about our quality rain covers and installation services.

Chimney Screens & Dampers

We also offer chimney caps that include dampers and animal screens for the ultimate protection. Not only do animals nest in chimneys, but they can also get into the main areas of your home through cracks or gaps in the flue liner. Installing a stainless steel liner will resolve this issue partly, but installing a screen around your chimney opening will keep animals out altogether. We also provide metal screens for all types of roof vents. Most of these vent covers are made of plastic, and animals can easily chew through these. Protect your home from animal infestation and water damage, call one of our professionals today and ask about our chimney screens.

Chimney Caps & Dampers


In addition to our custom caps, we carry nothing but the best in brand name chimney caps. Homesaver has been building quality tops for over twenty years. Their single flue chimney top attaches directly to the flue tile, and provides economical protection for your home. The top–mounted multi flue chimney top attaches directly to the chimney crown, protecting the flue as well as the crown. Available in Stainless Steel, Black Galvanized, and Copper.

Lock Top

The lack of a damper may be causing several problems within your home including; heating and cooling loss, cold drafts, moisture and musty smells. A top sealing damper is the key. Less expensive to replace, this damper system provides a tight seal and has shown consistent $100 + savings on heating bills in a single season. This damper is easily installed on the top of your chimney by a qualified technician. 2nd Generation Chimneys offers these dampers at a reasonable price, and we are factory authorized to service and install these dampers. Let a 2nd Generation Chimneys technician install one for you today.


This energy saving top sealing damper includes a stainless steel animal/ rain cap. And a multiple setting handle. The Chimilator Deluxe comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Please call for pricing.

We provide caps and dampers in the Twin Cities area. Call today at 763.772.0815 to keep wildlife and debris from clogging your chimney!

Chimney Damper Installation Experts

We offer high quality brands and services for all of your chimney damper needs. We install caps, dampers, screens, vent covers, and single flue rain covers. We also offer chimney sweeping services to the entire Twin Cities area to help maintain your heating system and prevent fires. In addition, we are certified to provide Level 1, 2, and 3 inspections. Give 2nd Generation a call today to learn more about our rain and animal protection products.

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