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Chimney Sealing and Resurfacing

Chimney sealing and resurfacing is an important part of maintaining your chimney and preserving your masonry work. It’s best to hire a professional for waterproofing your chimney because of the numerous types of sealants on the market. Applying the wrong type of sealant may trap the existing moisture inside your bricks and mortar, which will cause them to deteriorate over time. Resurfacing (repairing broken bricks) is also a job for a chimney technician.

Call 2nd Generation Chimneys if you need masonry chimney services for your home. Our Minneapolis area chimney technicians are experienced with all types of masonry, including stone or slate, and we use top quality sealing products. Don’t wait until your masonry chimney becomes irreparable. Call today.

Chimney Crown Sealing & Repair

The chimney crown helps to protect the masonry joints from moisture penetration. Because crowns will inevitably crack over time, applying the proper sealant can help prevent further cracking and major repair needs. Just as you need a breathable sealant for the bricks and mortar, you also need a permeable waterproofing agent for your chimney crown. When you apply a non–permeable sealant to your chimney and crown, the masonry cannot "breathe," which means that it cannot allow any moisture in the chimney to evaporate, even though it prevents more water from penetrating the structure. If you notice any cracks on your chimney crown, call us to repair and seal it before there’s further damage.

Tuck Pointing & Waterproofing Services

Tuck–pointing is the term used to refer to masonry and crown repair and restoration. This must be done before the waterproofing material can be applied. Some technicians call this process re–pointing, or spot pointing, but all these terms are interchangeable for the repair of broken or chipped bricks and restoring the chimney to its original integrity. Repairing any damaged mortar is also an important part of this process.

Once the masonry is repaired, our technicians will waterproof it with a permeable sealant to help protect it from weather and extend the life of your chimney. If your masonry chimney is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, you may need more frequent inspections and tuckpointing services. Our chimney resurfacing experts make it a priority to restore your chimney with reliable service and customer satisfaction. From re–pointing and sealing services to full chimney inspections, call us today for all your chimney needs.

Masonry Fireplace Repair

Although the firebox takes much of the heat from the fire or gas logs, the hearth and surrounding masonry is also exposed to extreme heat. The masonry around your fireplace will not wear down as quickly as your masonry chimney since it is not exposed to the elements, but it can get damaged or wear down eventually. Excessive moisture can break down the mortar, and our technicians are skilled at spot pointing, otherwise known as tuckpointing. Any time we make a repair for your fireplace, we will check the entire chimney system to make sure there are no other causes for concern. We are committed to customer satisfaction and quality service, so call us for all your masonry repairs and restoration needs.

Chimney Sealing & Resurfacing Company

At 2nd Generation, our qualified chimney technicians are prepared for any masonry chimney restoration project. The chimney in your Twin Cities area home adds aesthetic value and serves a very important function. Call us today for chimney sealing or resurfacing to ensure your chimney is operating in a safe and efficient way.

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