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Chimney Video Inspection

Scheduling a yearly cleaning is the most important preventative maintenance task you can do for your chimney. However, chimney fires or other sudden damages will require a video scan and full inspection of your chimney and fireplace. There are other situations that require camera inspections that some homeowners might not be aware of.

At 2nd Generation Chimneys, our technicians are highly trained to use the latest in video technology. We proudly serve all of the Minneapolis area, offering all levels of chimney inspections. Call today to schedule an appointment if you need a video scan or chimney cleaning service.

Chimney Safety Institute of America

When Video Inspections are Necessary

Eroded Mortar Joint (EMJ)

While a chimney video inspection is typically used in a level 2 or a level 3 inspection, the chimney technician may use a camera in a preliminary exam as well. If the technician sees anything suspicious during the cleaning process, a video scan may be necessary. The camera provides a closer look at all parts of a chimney system.

Here are some possible situations that call for investigation with a camera:

  • Whenever there’s been a chimney fire or any sudden disaster that could damage the chimney.
  • When the property is under contract for a sale or transferred to another owner.
  • When the chimney technician suspects a crack or other potential flaws in the components that are not readily accessible.
  • Before the chimney flue is relined.
  • Whenever there’s been a change in the heating system, such as an upgrade or a change in the fuel type.

How Inspection Cameras Work

Because of the advances in technology, chimney video inspections can be done with any chimney or flue, even if it has a bend or jog in it. The camera is attached to a bendable "starter rod" to give it stability as the technician puts it through the damper. Additional rods are attached in sections of varying lengths the farther the camera moves up the chimney. If the technician needs more stability for the camera, other attachments can be used to steady the camera. The camera is rotated as it travels up the flue so that the technician can get a full view and assess the condition of the liner and joints. Some video inspections require roof access since the camera can also be dropped down from the top of the chimney.

Advantages of Video Camera Inspections

During a video camera inspection, the technician is looking for any imperfection in the chimney system. As the camera rotates, the tech will look at all the joints to make sure there are no gaps. The technician will also check for any cracks or other flaws in the flue liner. A camera inspection can also reveal a deteriorating damper, or a liner that has not been properly installed. Any creosote buildup or other obstructions are removed during the cleaning, which gives the technician a better view of the inside of the flue.

                Chimney Video Inspection Tips

Chimney inspections are vital to overall household ventilation, especially when a family is using the fireplace. The chimney is susceptible to many clogs either by animals, debris, or creosote. Because these clogs are bound to happen, it is easier to get a video inspection done first to understand what type of chimney cleaning you might need.

Chimney Video Inspection Experts

We are committed to providing customer satisfaction to all of our clients in the Twin Cities area. Whether you need a cleaning or an inspection, you can count on us to provide the most comprehensive and reliable chimney services in the area. Call 2nd Generation and let us know how we can serve you. Don’t wait until you have a dangerous hazard on your hands. Call today!

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