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Chimney Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

Chimney restoration is a specialized service that requires the work of a professional. The firebox, crown, and liners are all important parts of your chimney system; they all work to prevent fire hazards and heat loss. If you’ve had a recent chimney fire, you’ll definitely want to call an expert to assess the damage and restore the chimney so that it is safe to operate. We also specialize in repairing and replacing dampers, caps, and chimney screens so that you won’t have issues in the future.

The technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys are equipped to handle any chimney restoration job. Whether you’ve had a chimney fire or need masonry repairs, call on us for top quality service. We proudly serve the entire Minneapolis area, so call today to ask about our restoration and repair services.

Firebox Rebuilding

Without a proper cap or damper, water can leak into your chimney flue and cause a number of problems. Both gas and wood burning appliances create combustion materials that can be corrosive when mixed with excess moisture. This can damage the liner and the firebox and eventually create a fire hazard. Some of the more efficient fireplaces are designed with vents under the firebox that work like a forced air system to draw in cool air and distribute the warm air back into the home. If the vents are corroded or damaged, this will restrict airflow and decrease efficiency. There are many techniques that can be used to rebuild a firebox, and our chimney technicians have the skills and training to restore your firebox with the best method. We repair factory built and masonry fireboxes, and we use only top quality materials and products. Call any time to speak with one of our fireplace experts.

Crown Repair

Routine cleanings and inspections help prevent the need for most chimney crown repairs, but because weather changes cause constant contraction and expansion, crowns may crack over time. If you have a cracked chimney crown, you should get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and water leaks. The crown helps to prevent water penetration in the masonry and mortar joints, and crowns with serious damage may require masonry restoration and tuck pointing services. Regular maintenance will also allow a chimney technician to assess the condition of the crown to make sure it doesn’t need an additional application of a water sealant. Our technicians are qualified to repair and restore chimney crowns and flue liners in your masonry chimney. Don’t wait to call us if your chimney crown needs a repair or proper sealant. Help protect your entire chimney system by calling today.

Chimney Fire Damage Restoration

If you’ve had a chimney fire, do not use your fireplace until the chimney has been cleaned and inspected by a professional. Tile and clay liners are particularly susceptible to extreme heat, so when there’s a chimney fire, they usually need to be restored or replaced. Stainless steel liners are recommended for wood burning appliances and gas inserts since they can withstand heat and does not crack over time. When there are cracks or holes in clay liners, the liner cannot protect the surrounding walls and ceilings as well. One spark can cause a dangerous house fire if it hits flammable insulation or other construction materials. Help prevent the potential for another fire; even if you’ve had only a small fire, call us to inspect and repair your chimney before the situation gets worse.

Chimney Restoration Specialists

Our expert chimney technicians provide efficient and reliable chimney restoration services so that you can use your fireplace again as soon as possible. Find out why more customers in the Twin Cities area depend on 2nd Generation to handle their chimney restoration needs. Call today to set up an initial appointment. Don’t forget that we offer yearly inspections and routine maintenance for all types of chimneys and fireplaces, so call any time to learn about all of our products and services.

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