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Chimney Liners Minneapolis, MN

Chimney liners are an important part of the ventilation system for your home. Liners are installed in the flue so that combustion gases and smoke can escape without damaging your chimney or creating fires. Flue liners should always be made of non–combustible materials, and the two common types of liners are stainless steel or clay. Relining a chimney is a cost–effective way to replace a damaged liner, or to install a new one in older chimneys without liners.

The chimney experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offer top quality liners and relining services. We’ve got you covered no matter what type of liner or chimney repair service you need. We proudly serve the entire Minneapolis area, so call today to ask about our products and restoration services.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Without a proper liner, your chimney is not able to channel fumes and smoke out of your home effectively. Whether you have a gas or wood burning appliance, your fireplace can create enough heat or embers to crack traditional clay and tile liners, which will eventually damage the surrounding walls and building materials. This is why stainless steel liners are recommended for all types of heating systems. In fact stainless steel liners are required for certain types of gas furnaces and wood burning appliances to meet the manufacturers recommended requirements. All stainless steel liners should be insulated for better performance, and the insulation can be added before or after the installation depending on what kind is used.

Depending on the particular specifications of your chimney, you may use a more flexible type of steel for your liner. Jogs and offsets typically require some flexibility in the material to properly line the bends in the structure. Some steel liners contain titanium, which adds further protection from extreme temperatures and corrosion. While aluminum liners are similar to stainless steel, they are not recommended for many types of heating units. Check with your manufacturer, or call one of our experienced technicians if you have any questions about liners or our relining services.

Chimney Relining & Crown Repair

When you have your chimney relined, our service technicians will also check your chimney crown for any needed repairs or rebuilding needs. Some cracked crowns are beyond repair and may need a new crown that is reinforced by steel. For crowns that can be sealed, we will use a durable patching material to keep it from cracking further. Then we seal the repaired crown with a permeable water–repellant to keep moisture from creating more destruction. You should always have a qualified chimney technician repair a cracked crown as soon as possible. Water can get into the mortar joints through the cracks or missing pieces of the crown, which may eventually do major harm to the entire chimney structure. We are also equipped to handle any necessary masonry tuck pointing services when we reline your chimney, and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Call us to replace the flue liner in your masonry chimney before it’s too late.

Chimney Relining Specialists

We proudly serve the entire Twin Cities area, and we are always glad to answer any questions you have about chimney liners and the services we offer. At 2nd Generation, you know you are getting the highest level of service and workmanship. Call any time to schedule an appointment.

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