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Wood Stove Chimney Cleaning

Modern wood stoves are efficient, clean, and can usually be used with an existing chimney to vent the smoke. A professional sweeping and inspection of the chimney for your wood stove is vital to the safe operation of your stove. Any wood burning appliance will create creosote buildup inside the flue, which can be flammable if it is not removed regularly. Additionally, cracks in the flue can allow sparks to get to the surrounding walls or insulation and cause dangerous house fires.

Scheduling an annual sweeping with 2nd Generation Chimneys ensures that your wood stove will heat your home safely and efficiently throughout the winter. Our service technicians are highly skilled and trained to clean chimney flues for wood stoves. Find out why more Minneapolis area homeowners trust us to clean their wood stove chimneys. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Wood Stove Flue Liners

Part of the cleaning service is making sure that your wood stove has the correct type and size liner for the flue. Stainless steel chimney liners are recommended for wood stoves because of their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. There’s also less potential for a chimney fire with steel liners since they are less likely to crack, and they last longer than clay or tile liners. When we clean your wood stove flue, we also make sure that your flue, flashing, and insulation shields are in excellent condition.

Chimney Measurements for Wood Stoves

Any type of heating system needs to have a flue that can handle the heating capacity of the unit, but this especially applies to wood stoves since they can heat the home at very high temperatures. The places where the chimney meets the ceiling and roof are also important to consider. Most wood stove chimneys are installed with a vaulted ceiling or roof, which means that the chimney must extend beyond the roof by certain measurements. Usually this is three feet on the high side, and at least two feet above any part of the roof within ten feet. If the chimney runs through an attic or crawlspace, the support boxes and fire stoppers must be checked to make sure there are no gaps or chances of sparks entering the living space.

Freestanding Wood Stoves & Inserts

Our chimney sweeping services include cleaning all types of wood stoves. If you have a wood stove, most likely you have a freestanding wood stove or a fireplace insert. Like any factory built fireplace, a freestanding stove is designed as one unit, and it is installed with a chimney that is tested to work with that particular wood burning appliance. Wood stove inserts are designed to fit into an existing firebox and to work with the flue attached to the fireplace. What’s most important to consider when installing this type of unit is using the correct type of liner. Stainless steel, poured–in, and ceramic liners are all acceptable liners to use, though most professionals recommend stainless steel. You’ll need to consider the condition of your chimney, along with the size of the stove. If you aren’t sure which type is right for your wood stove insert, ask one of our qualified technicians for expert advice.

Burning the Wrong Type of Wood

Burning the wrong kind of wood in your stove will increase the chances of a fire hazard. Always burn seasoned wood, which means it has been completely dried out. Most firewood consists of 80% moisture, and burning wet or green wood will increase creosote deposits. Not only does creosote cause chimney fires and bad odors, it’s also corrosive and can damage your stove and chimney if it isn’t cleaned regularly. While burning the right type of wood will minimize the potential for large amounts of creosote buildup, you should also have your chimney and flue cleaned and inspected by a qualified chimney technician.

Wood Stove Experts

The experts at 2nd Generation offer chimney cleaning services to homes across the Twin Cities area. We offer only the highest quality products, and our customers trust us to help them select the most cost–efficient upgrades for their home. We offer annual cleanings, repairs, installations, and certified chimney inspections. Call today to speak with one of our friendly chimney technicians if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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