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3 Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Chimney

The way a chimney works is fairly simple, unlike other heating systems, which have many mechanical parts that could run into trouble. Because of this, many people do not realize that a chimney requires a certain amount of attention in order to keep problems from occurring. Over time, your chimney may suffer from water damage or creosote buildup if it does not receive the proper maintenance. Learn about some of the mistakes you may be making with your chimney and what can be done to keep it in good condition.

  1. Using Unseasoned Firewood – When you want to start a fire, you may be tempted to go out and find freshly cut wood, but this is never a good idea. Freshly cut firewood has not been seasoned, meaning it has not had time to dry. Newly cut wood may consist of quite a bit of water, nearly half in some cases, and the ideal water content is 20% to keep creosote out of the chimney. The best way to make sure your firewood is seasoned is by leaving it out for 6 months to a year, though you can also purchase the wood pre-seasoned.
  2. Neglecting Maintenance in the Spring – When the warmer weather of spring picks up, you are likely to forget about your chimney, but spring maintenance can give you peace of mind over the state of this structure and about using the chimney in the cooler months. You’ll feel a little bit better about the condition of your home with a cleaner chimney and more confident lighting the fireplace come winter.
  3. Not Installing a Chimney Cap – A chimney cap is an important fixture of any chimney for several reasons. For one, a chimney cap can keep your chimney from sustaining water damage, one of the leading causes of chimney damage. Second, a chimney cap can keep wildlife out of the chimney. Removing most species of migratory birds from the chimney is actually illegal, so taking preventive action is usually the best step.

Call the friendly technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for chimney cleaning and inspections in Minneapolis, MN, or to schedule chimney cap installation to protect your chimney and fireplace.

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