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Gas Fireplace Services in Minneapolis, MN

Interested in adding some extra warmth and ambiance to your home in Minneapolis, MN but aren’t interested in chopping up wood all year long? Then you may be interested in learning more about gas fireplaces. Energy-efficient, quiet, and safe, gas fireplaces are great additions to any home in Minneapolis whether you previously had a fireplace or not.

Whether you are thinking about a gas fireplace for your home for the sake of your comfort or just because you want to add that elemental aspect to your living room, we can help. Our gas fireplace services include gas fireplace installation, gas fireplace repairs, and even gas fireplace replacement. If you are looking to add a gas fireplace to your home or need a team of professionals to keep yours in peak condition, we can help.

Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to schedule your gas fireplace services in Minneapolis today.

Gas Fireplace Installation

Let’s say you are in your living room and it dawns on you that a fireplace would be the perfect addition to make the room as pleasant as possible. But you don’t want to bother with chopping or buying wood all the time, so what do you do? Consider installing a gas fireplace. Benefits of a gas fireplace include:

  • Safety: No sparks or open flames make gas fireplaces a bit safer.

  • Constant, custom heat: Your fire never runs out, but you can adjust the flames according to your needs.

  • Cleanliness: Not only is natural gas a clean-burning fuel, but it also doesn’t leave behind soot or creosote to clean.

Interested in adding a gas fireplace to your home? If so, you need a professional technician to perform the installation. Only a trained professional will be able to install and connect your new gas fireplace properly and safely. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a pro.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

Natural gas fireplaces may be a little easier to care for than a wood-burning fireplace, but this does not mean that repairing these systems is something you can do yourself. DIY or amateur repair work can create serious problems and put you and your home at risk. 

If your gas fireplace isn’t operating properly or is emitting strange smells, you will want to schedule your repairs sooner than later. Our team of experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. know exactly how to help you with identifying and address gas fireplace repair needs so you can enjoy this comfort system without any problems this season.

Gas Fireplace Replacement

Switching from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace? Or has your older gas fireplace simply bitten the dust? In either case, you need to schedule a replacement service for your gas fireplace system soon or you may not be able to use it much this season. When you need a timely and safe replacement service, you should turn to the pros on our team.

We’ve been serving the residents of Minneapolis, MN since 2001 and we are known for being one of the largest and most experienced fireplace and chimney service providers in the area. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.