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Chimney Safety List: When is it time for Repair?

Chimneys are a great addition to homes as they add a lot of visual appeal. However, like any other component of your home they will eventually break down and need repair. But many homeowners have difficult recognizing the issues with their chimneys. Here at 2nd Generation Chimneys, we have years of experience offering Minneapolis chimney repair and we wanted to help our customers discern when their chimney is having problems. Read below and if you’re having any of these issues just give us a call.

Minneapolis Chimney Repair: How Can I Tell If I Need Them?

There are a few things that homeowners should look for that could indicate that you need Minneapolis chimney repair. Take a quick look and call us if you’re having any of them.

  • Draft – Your chimney and fireplace create a natural draft that pulls air up through the fireplace and then out the chimney. If you start to notice that smoke is coming into your home or if your fireplace isn’t drafting correctly, it likely means that you need Minneapolis chimney repair. This issue could be caused by blockage in the chimney or from a leak in the actual chimney itself.
  • Water – Where your chimney and roof meet is a vulnerable spot to water leaks. With proper installation, this junction will be sealed with metal flashing and some kind of sealant. But over time these things can break down and allow rain or melted snow to drip down into your fireplace. If see water dripping into your fireplace call for fireplace repair immediately.
  • Chimney cracks – Chimneys are typically very durable and some have been known to last for 100 years. But chimney cracks are something that can happen to any chimney. They are often caused by water freezing in the masonry and slowly forcing it open. But it could also be from overheating inside the chimney. As heat travels up your chimney, it will expand. But if your chimney wasn’t built correctly that expansion could also cause cracks.

When you need Minneapolis chimney repair make sure that you call the friendly professionals at 2nd Generation.

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