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What Will My Chimney Sweeps Actually Remove from My Chimney?

Few home heating methods are both as effective and as aesthetically pleasing as lighting a roaring fire in the fireplace. However, operating a fireplace necessitates special measures that must be taken in order to keep your home safe. A professional chimney sweep must be hired to regularly sweep, clean and inspect your chimney to ensure the safe, effective operation of your chimney. There are a number of different materials and substances that your chimney sweep may find in your chimney, and any issues with such materials must be resolved professionally. Here are a few examples of what your chimney sweep may actually remove from your chimney. If you have any further questions, contact the Minneapolis Chimney Sweeping professionals at 2nd Generation Chimneys.

Animal infestations are not entirely uncommon in chimneys. During the offseason, critters will sometimes build nests within a residential chimney. This can create health concerns, ventilation problems, and lead to unpleasant odors. This is especially true if an animal gets trapped within the flue and dies, unable to remove itself from the situation when the chimney is put to work. Not only will our chimney sweeps remove any animals from within your chimney, but we can also offer our expertise and quality products to help prevent the problem from occurring again.

Creosote is what you really have to be worried about in your chimney. Creosote deposits are a natural byproduct of burning wood. If enough creosote is allowed to build up, due to a lack of professional chimney cleaning service, it is possible for it to ignite and catch fire. After enough time has passed, these buildups can reach a point where they are defined as level 3 creosote. This is very difficult to remove. It is thick enough that special techniques and, sometimes, even chemicals must be used to remove the buildup from your chimney.

The Minneapolis chimney sweeping technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys are always happy to help you enjoy a great, safe performance from your chimney and fireplace. Call today to schedule professional chimney sweeping to ensure that this goal is met. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the necessity of the chimney sweeping process.

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