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It’s Summer! Why You Should Still Schedule Chimney Sweeping Today

In the summertime, your home heating system is far from your mind. You love the warmth and comfort that radiates from your chimney in the winter, but once the warm weather hits, you’re unlikely to think of it much until fall rolls around again. But summer is a great time to schedule an annual cleaning visit and an inspection from a certified chimney sweep. Here’s a look at why.

Chimney Fires Are a Real Threat to Your Home

Too much debris in the chimney, along with creosote, creates a dangerous situation. Creosote is a tar-like substance that forms as the byproducts of combustion (like water vapor, carbon monoxide, and particulates) collect in the lining of the chimney. This substance is highly flammable. It can ignite easily, starting a small isolated fire or a larger fire that spreads throughout the home.

Regular Chimney Sweeping Improves Performance

Routinely cleaning the chimney also improves the performance of your fireplace. If you’ve ever noticed smoke drifting back into the living room, it could be because of a buildup in the chimney. A visit from a chimney sweep can improve airflow and make your chimney more efficient.

Professional Chimney Sweeps Should Take Care of Cleaning

You should only trust chimney cleaning to a qualified chimney sweep if you expect the job to go smoothly. A professional will not only make sure that the chimney is clean, but will also check for any additional chimney and fireplace issues. Your contractor should inform you of any cracks or other issues with the fireplace that need to be addressed in order to ensure your health and safety.

Contact our friendly team of professionals today to learn more about the importance of regular chimney sweeping and inspections—even in the summertime—or to schedule a visit in the Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN area. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. today!

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