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Common Chimney Repairs in Plymouth

Your chimney in Plymouth may seem like a simple component of your house, but it needs a lot of maintenance and even with regular checkups, you might find yourself in need of one of these common chimney repairs.

Cracking or Falling Bricks

During the colder winter months, your chimney absorbs water and then freezes, holding that water inside, causing the mortar and bricks to expand. The water then thaws and the bricks are weakened. Enough cycles like this and the bricks will start to crumble and fall out of the chimney. To stop this from happening, a contractor will place water sealant on the bricks in your chimney to keep them from succumbing to water damage. If properly done, this stops 99% of all moisture from entering your chimney.

Crown Problems

The crown on your chimney can be insufficient or not sealed properly, resulting in water coming through onto your fireplace or mantel or leakage in the firebox. If you notice any moisture inside your home, either along the chimney structure itself or on the firebox or mantel, it is most likely an issue with the crown.


When the roof is done on your home, flashing is placed around the chimney to seal the joints between masonry and shingles. This keeps any water from getting between the two and leaking into your home. If you notice water on your ceiling or on any walls adjoining the chimney, this may be the problem and can be fixed relatively easily by a roofer.

Flue Damage

Even with the right flue lining installed, damage can occur over time from regular use. The flue liner can crack or break or it can become blocked by creosote or other debris over time, especially if you don’t have a chimney cap to block things from entering on top of your house. Regular flue liner cleaning should take care of these problems.

If you are concerned about your chimney or the chimney liner, make sure to call 2nd Generation Chimneys to inspect it for these or other possible problems. Most chimneys will have small, easily repaired problems over their lifespan – no need to let them get any bigger.

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