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Don’t Forget about Your Dryer Vents This Spring

Spring cleaning is a time for you to clean out your closets, throw out what you don’t use, and clean off the rest. Throughout the process, you might end up with a lot of laundry, washing towels, curtains, spare bedsheets, and of course, your usual clothing loads. And the more you use your dryer, the more at risk you are for a dryer-related fire—if you haven’t had the dryer vents cleaned out this year.

Dryer Vents: A Common Cause of Fire

You may be surprised to learn that the dryer vents, the way that byproducts of the heating process get vented outdoors, are responsible for many fires every year. Smoke, carbon monoxide, and other byproducts vent safely away from the home thanks to the dryer ducts.

However, lint and other debris can also get into the dryer vents in the process, even though you clean out your lint trap before and after each load. These substances are highly combustible, and a fire could break out unexpectedly at some point in your homeownership. It’s one of the top 10 causes of home fires in the US, and it’s one of the most preventable.

Cleaning Out the Dryer Vent

We recommend cleaning out the dryer vent every couple of years or so, though it depends largely on usage and the design of your ducts. Some may clog up faster than others, but you can work out a schedule with a local technician who can help you determine how often is best for your ducts.

We always recommend working with professionals on any dryer vent cleaning project. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be tough to tell where and whether there are clogs in your dryer ducts, and you may not have the proper tools to clean it out safely and thoroughly.

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