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How to Prevent Cracks in Your Plymouth Chimney

Checking for cracks on the exterior of your chimney is something that any Plymouth homeowner can and should do.  Depending on the size of the crack and the potential soot around it anyone can determine if chimney repairs are needed.  Here are a few characteristics of chimneys in need of inspections, and ways you can prevent future damages.

One of the primary steps contractors and homeowners should know to take is leaving space between the chimney flue and the brick exterior.  This space needs to be present because of the heat expansion that occurs within the chimney while it is being used.  Without this additional space the chimney flue will expand and crack the brick exterior, which will lead to potential smoke leakage and further chimney damage.

Chimneys must be made to withstand some amount of movement, especially in towns that are known to have seismic activity.  Contractors should also be particularly careful of the soil that the place the chimney on, so that the foundation of the chimney is not resting on unsecure ground.  If your chimney does experience some movement it is important for homeowners to check the mortar joints, or the area where the chimney protrudes out of the roof, for gaps between the roof and the chimney.

One quick way homeowners can avoid any chimney sealing and resurfacing issues is by installing a chimney damper or cap.  During the colder months, if water travels down your chimney, and freezes, there is a good chance that the expansion of water to ice will crack your brick mortar exterior.  Right now 2nd Generation Chimneys is offering a discount on chimney inspections and cleanings when homeowners purchase a chimney damper.  By taking advantage of this deal people will be able to save money on their heating bills by restricting air flow through their chimney, reduce water from entering their chimney, and receive a discounted chimney inspection.

To learn more about ways to reduce chimney cracks, and increase chimney efficiency please call 2nd Generation Chimneys today.

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