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Spring Chimney Maintenance Projects in Plymouth MN

Chances are that by the end of the winter in Plymouth, MN you will not be too sad to see the cold and the snow get left behind. It is a little sad, though, to realize that your fireplace will be largely out of commission for the next few months. There are not many things in life more comforting and relaxing than a nice, warm fire crackling in the fireplace.

Now is the time to make sure that your fireplace and chimney will be well rested and ready for the coming heating season, though, even if it is a ways off. Contact the Plymouth MN chimney maintenance experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys today for more information. Here are some off-season maintenance tasks to keep your fireplace and chimney in great, safe working condition.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule an additional chimney sweep before putting your fireplace to rest for the season. A cool fire builds up soot and creosote. If you have gone through a lot of wood this winter with slow burning, mild fires, you may benefit greatly from a chimney cleaning in the off-season.

Chances are that no one was up on your roof in the middle of the winter. Now is a great time to have your chimney cap and masonry inspected. There are a lot of things up there that could go wrong in a harsh winter storm. You may as well have the various parts and components of your exposed chimney inspected while the weather is more comfortable.

As the weather warms up a lot of different animals begin to become more active. Don’t let your chimney be converted into a critter condo. When animals set up shop in a chimney they tend to bring in raw materials like leaves, sticks and other things that could potentially lead to a chimney fire or blockage when you put your fireplace back in action.

Remember, before you flip on the air conditioner for the first time make sure that your fireplace is ready to be taken out of commission for the cooling season. There is plenty of maintenance to be done yet. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys today to learn more.

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