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Minneapolis Off-Season Fireplace Improvements

During the cold season when you’re likely using your fireplace almost every day, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to make any improvements to your fireplace. Waiting until the off-season for fireplace improvements in Minneapolis is a terrific idea for many homeowners. At 2nd Generation Chimneys, we have many years of experience working on all kinds of chimney and fireplace projects. We would love to help you make any improvements to your fireplace during the heating off-season in Minneapolis. If you’re looking for ideas of what kind of upgrades you can do to your fireplace check out some of our suggestions below.

Off-Season Fireplace Improvements in Minneapolis

Here are a few of the off-season fireplace improvements in Minneapolis that we recommend.

Get Your Fireplace Water Sealed

During the winter, water and ice can work their way into the cracks between your fireplace’s bricks. When the water expands as it freezes it can cause damage to your fireplace’s bricks and mortar work.

Get Your Chimney Swept and Cleaned

Another great way to make sure that your fireplace works again next winter is to get it cleaned out by a professional chimney sweep. This can help remove any soot or creosote build-up inside the flue. Not only can this increase the efficiency of your fireplace it can also increase its safety. Fires resulting from soot and creosote build-up are actually very common.

Have Your Fireplace’s Crown and Flashing Sealed

The crown and flashing are actually at the base of your chimney where it connects to your roof. These are normally pieces of folded metal that are sealed so that water doesn’t get into your fireplace through the base of the chimney. If you’ve noticed water in or around your fireplace it could be that you need to have your flashing and crown sealed.

Call 2nd Generation Chimney for all your off-season fireplace improvements in Minneapolis. We provide comprehensive fireplace and chimney repair in Minneapolis as well.

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