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The Facts about Water Damage and Chimneys

Many people assume that their chimney is strong enough to endure quite a bit. Besides, the chimney is located outdoors, and it is designed withstand fire, so it should be sturdy enough to tolerate any instances of poor weather. However, this way of thinking leads many chimneys to go without service for far too long. And without any maintenance at all, your chimney may deteriorate quickly and become a fire risk for your home, all due in part to a seemingly harmless substance: water.

Whatever masonry material your chimney is constructed of, water damage poses a serious threat (except, perhaps, stone). Water freezes and thaws frequently, which puts extra stress on the masonry materials. Even metal parts can rust and wear. If water penetrates into your home, it could stain the walls and lead to potential mold growth. And it’s easier for fire to spread to your home in the event of a chimney fire if the parts are damaged.

Take Preventive Measures Now

The best way to keep water from damaging your chimney is to take preventive measures now. A chimney cap is the safest means of protecting the chimney from water damage, and it could also prevent animals from making a home on your chimney. If your chimney cap is damaged or needs replacement, be sure to call a professional right away.

It’s also vital to also call a professional for a chimney cleaning and inspection each year, to ensure that no water damage is too severe and that your chimney is properly waterproofed. This helps to protect your home from the dangers of a chimney fire, so you can have some peace of mind operating this often neglected part of your home.

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