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What Is My Home’s Risk for a Chimney Fire?

When you use your chimney, you feel comforted by its warmth, so you’re often not thinking about the potential consequences of a poorly maintained chimney. As it turns out, heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S., and chimney fires account for the majority of these. Most chimney fires are totally preventable—as long as you understand your risk. Assess whether your chimney has the potential for a sudden fire by asking yourself the following questions and taking action to protect your home.

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Are there damages to your chimney or fireplace?

The first way to tell whether your chimney is at risk is by taking seriously any damage you may have noticed on the masonry, in the firebox, or with the flue. Cracked or chipped tiles or liners allow a pathway for flames to reach the structure of the home. Excessive creosote buildup in the firebox or chimney is another issue to look out for, as a single spark can ignite the creosote and start a massive fire. Creosote is a gummy, corrosive substance that sometimes forms as condensation collects in the chimney liner.

Have you had a chimney fire in the past?

If you’ve had a chimney fire before, your risk of another chimney fire or a home fire is particularly high. A chimney fire can crack flue tiles, damage the masonry, and spread creosote around the chimney and firebox or stove. In fact, you may be unaware that a chimney fire has occurred once before, so keep an eye out for flakes of creosote, warped TV antennae, masonry cracks, holes, and discoloration.

When’s the last time you scheduled chimney inspection and cleaning?

Perhaps the most important step in protecting your home from a chimney fire is regular chimney inspection and cleaning. This is suggested for most homes annually, although your technician may have different recommendations based on how often your chimney is used. Experts will inspect every portion of your chimney for damage, clean out creosote buildup, and may offer you valuable maintenance tips.

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