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What Happens During a Chimney Inspection?

The safety of your family is important to you, which is why we feel it is so important for every home chimney to receive inspection once a year. Like any other type of heating equipment, a chimney can pose a safety hazard if it is not regularly maintained. Maintenance includes cleaning problem areas and checking for any damage that could increase your chances of a dangerous chimney fire. Heating equipment is the second leading reason for home fires, and chimney fires take the lead in this category.

Scheduling chimney cleaning and inspection every year can significantly lower your risk of a fire, alerting you to any repair needs and giving you some peace of mind over the condition of your unit. Call a company trusted for chimney inspection and repair and recognized by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys today.

The Levels of Chimney Inspection

What happens during your next chimney inspection will depend on your needs, the state of your chimney and firebox, and whether you or your technician suspects trouble. There are three stages or levels of chimney inspections.

  • Level 1 – A level 1 chimney inspection is recommended for most homeowners as part of annual chimney cleaning. Before chimney cleaning, the technician should inspect your chimney for any large debris, like birds’ nests, and areas with a high concentration of creosote. After cleaning up these types of issues, the technician should inspect the chimney again using a strong light to locate any visible damage.
  • Level 2 – Level 2 chimney inspections are a bit more comprehensive, but are necessary after a fire, in case you decide to sell your home, or if you’re upgrading your stove or alternate heating equipment. Technicians will access crawlspaces and use high-tech equipment to assess the state of the chimney.
  • Level 3 – Finally, level 3 chimney inspections are recommended only in extreme cases, as the chimney may be disassembled to an extent for a complete inspection.

The technicians at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. are highly trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Call Us Today! 612.922.9600 or 1-888-PIXLEYS

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