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What You Must Do for Your Chimney and Fireplace before Winter

Fall is finally here, which means the nights are getting cooler and soon you’ll be able to lounge in front of the fire of your fireplace. But are your fireplace and chimney ready for the fall and the long winter ahead? Make sure that these parts of your home are safe and efficient by following our tips. For more information, contact a local chimney sweep!

  • Open the damper! Before you attempt to light a fire in your fireplace, make sure the damper is open completely. Don’t let your home fill up with smoke!
  • Purchase the right type of wood. If you haven’t already purchased firewood for the winter, it’s time to prepare. Shop around for hardwood that has already been pre-seasoned (dried out for 6 months or more).
  • Get a chimney inspection and cleaning. You should get a chimney inspection for your home as soon as possible before the cold sets in. A chimney inspection will make you aware of any potential safety issues with your chimney or fireplace. And a chimney sweep can also clear out creosote from the flue so that any fire hazard is greatly reduced.
  • Clear the area around the fireplace. In the summertime, your chimney was free to decorate, and there was no problem with keeping furniture and other items close by. Now, it’s time to clear the space around the chimney to ensure there are no potential fire hazards.
  • Only burn wood. Now is a good time to note that you should not burn anything in your fireplace other than seasoned wood. Burning household items can send chemicals into the home that greatly reduce your indoor air quality.

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