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Why Should I Schedule Chimney Cleaning in the Spring?

Many homeowners don’t think about the importance of having their chimney cleaned in the spring, if at all. But given the workout your fireplace gets during our cold winters, it makes sense that this is something that should be a top priority. Don’t wait until you need to use your fireplace next fall to schedule a chimney cleaning appointment: here are some reasons you should schedule this for spring.

Prevent Residue Buildup

In our blog post last week, we discussed the danger of creosote buildup. This is not all you have to worry about though. Heavy buildup of this substance as well as soot in the masonry flue can age this component and make costly repairs likely in the future. It’s best to have your chimney thoroughly cleaned right after the heating season.

Detect Problems Early

Technicians will likely have a more open and flexible schedule during the warmer months, as they won’t be called out for emergency repairs as often. Also, most people schedule their annual chimney inspections in the fall, so you’ll have more flexibility making a spring appointment. This is especially beneficial if you find yourself experiencing structural issues within the flue.

Reduce Odors

Leftover chimney debris can get smelly over time. This is especially true when spring and summer weather brings humidity with it. By having your chimney professionally deodorized and swept, you’ll help lessen the odors permeating from the flue.

What Does Chimney Cleaning Include?

It’s important not to attempt chimney cleaning services yourself, for your safety. Our certified chimney technicians provide the most comprehensive chimney cleaning services in our area. These services include:

  • Flue and Firebox Cleaning
  • Fireplace Insert Cleaning
  • Animal & Nest Removal
  • Level 1 Inspection (Preliminary Inspection)

To schedule a chimney cleaning appointment in St. Paul, MN this spring, contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. today.

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