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Why Should You Have Water Repellant on Your Minneapolis Chimney?

In Minneapolis there are a lot of myths about water repellants and when they are useful or not useful for a chimney. The truth is that almost all chimneys should have some sort of chimney sealant and resurfacing applied to them to avoid easily preventable water damage that can not only destroy the chimney face but pose a danger to you and your family.

What Water Repellant Does

Water repellant is used to seal up the masonry on the outside of your chimney. This is necessary because of the constant freeze and thaw cycles that a chimney goes through each winter. Water is absorbed by the mortar and bricks and then freezes in cold temperatures. This weakens the bricks and when it thaws, the bricks crumble or break free. It might take months or even years, but eventually extensive chimney repairs will be needed.

A properly selected water repellant stops this from happening by blocking up to 99% of the moisture that enters the mortar joints and bricks and keeping the chimney dry both inside and out.

The Problem with Some Water Repellants

The problem and the reason many people are hesitant to use water repellants is that they can also trap water inside the chimney if the wrong ones are applied. Sealers that form a film on the masonry, bond to the masonry or don’t allow enough air to breathe through the masonry risk sealing moisture inside the chimney and causing even more damage.

The right ones will penetrate deep into the chimney and bond with the masonry on a chemical level, blocking moisture without blocking everything, thereby stopping water from entering and leaving.

Water Repellants are Important

Chimneys will be subjected to all forms of weather – from rain to snow to sleet and wind – and that means they will deteriorate over time if not treated. To give your chimney the protection it needs and reduce the need for repairs, make sure you have someone you trust use the right kind of water repellant for your chimney.  Call 2nd Generation Chimneys with any questions.

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