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Handling All Of Your Chimney Needs, 2nd Generations Chimneys

Monday, February 6th, 2012

2nd Generation Chimneys is equipped to handle all of your chimney and maintenance and safety needs. 2nd Generation Chimney Service offers chimney cleaning, restoration, caps and dampers and chimney relining. Whether it’s woodstoves, fireplaces, chimneys, or dryer vents, we get the job done right! Give us a call at 612-922-9600 .  We are Minnesota’s number 1 rated full service chimney company.  To learn more about us visit www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com .

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Recommended & Reliable Chimney Cleaning in Minnesota

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

2nd Generations Chimney’s is Minnesota’s most reliable source for chimney flue safety solutions. They are certified chimney specialists for all types and sizes of chimneys. They provide chimney inspections, sweeping, relining & restoration in Minnesota.  They are the most trusted and recommended chimney service company servicing the Minnesota area.  Professional, thorough and clean.  Call them at 612-922-9600 and to learn more about all their services go online to www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com .

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Inspections and Cleanings Help Reduce Flue Fires

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Did you know annual chimney inspections and cleanings can greatly reduce flue fires?  Dirty flues lead to chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and possible loss of property and life. Many of these fires are caused from the ignition of creosote that builds up in the chimney with normal use of your fireplace.   2nd Generations Chimneys is a complete chimney service company in Minnesota.  Their services include relining, restoration, chimney caps and dampers and chimney cleaning.  They lead the way for best service and products for residential, commercial and industrial building in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.  Call them at 612-922-9600 and visit them online at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com .

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Chimney Services Unmatched! 2nd Generation Chimneys

Monday, January 9th, 2012

2nd Generation Chimney’s proudly offers a wide variety of chimney services to the Twin Cities and surrounding area.  Relining, restoration, chimney cleaning and inspections are some of the services we offer.  Since 2001 we have serviced 50,000 homes and have spotless reputation.  We also service commerical and industrial buildings as well.  You will find that we have serviced many of the finest residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the area.  Our expertise is unmatched!  Call us at 612-922-9600 and visit us online at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com .

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A Better Chimney Service Company, 2nd Generation Chimneys

Monday, December 5th, 2011

You clearly can’t find a better chimney service company in the Twin Cities area. 2nd Generation Chimneys has a rare A+ rating with the BBB, A rating with Angies List and 5 out of 5 stars with Service Magic.  We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.  Give us a call at 612-922-9600 and to learn more about chimney relining, restoration and chimney cleaning services visit www.2ndgenerationchimenys.com .

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Chimney Service Specials in Minnestota

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Take advantage of 2nd Generations Chimneys specials running now through January 1, 2012.  Receive $99 chimney clean & inspection with purchase of an energy efficient damper and $40 off chimney clean & closed circuit video inspection. Chimney services are all about fire safety and chimney fire prevention.  They provide expert chimney cleaning, inspections and chimney fire damage restoration in the Minnestota area. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys at 612-922-9600 to schedule a visit to your home or business. Visit them online at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com to learn more.

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Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Damper Very Important

Monday, November 14th, 2011

2nd Generation Chimney’s of Minnesota can take care of any problem your having with your chimney. From a complete restoration to relining or just having your chimney cleaned or are looking to have a chimney cap replaced.  Call 2nd Generations Chimneys at 612-922-9600 and for more information visit them at www.2ndgenerationschimneys.com .

The lack of a damper may be causing several problems within your home including; heating and cooling loss, cold drafts, moisture and musty smells. A top sealing damper is the key. Less expensive to replace, this damper system provides a tight seal and has shown consistent $100 + savings on heating bills in a single season. This damper is easily installed on the top of your chimney by a qualified technician. 2nd Generation Chimneys offers these dampers at a reasonable price, and we are factory authorized to service and install these dampers. Let a 2nd Generation Chimneys technician install one for you today.

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Importance Of A Chimney Liner, 2nd Generations Chimneys

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Your fireplace liner is an important part of your chimney. The liner is your first line of defense against a chimney fire. The flue keeps the heat and smoke contained to help prevent the spread of fire in the case of a chimney fire.  It is made of a protective fireproof material.  It’s important to have your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year to make sure it is in proper working order. Call 2nd Generations Chimneys at 612-922-9600 in Minnesota for all your chimney needs including chimney restoration.  They have been servicing and cleaning chimneys since 2001. To learn more visit them at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com

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Professional & Expert Chimney Relining, Cleaning, Restoration

Monday, October 24th, 2011

2nd Generation Chimneys strives to bring you the highest level of professional and technical expertise in chimney cleaning, chimney relining and chimney restoration in our service area.  We are committed to continue to raise the standard of professionalism in our trades. From our office staff to field technicians we will ensure quality and satisfaction to all clients. Visit us online to learn more about our services in Minneapolis at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com or call 612-922-9600 .

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Chimney Part Of Your Homes Heating System

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Fire places are part of your home’s heating system, which must effectively exhaust fumes from your fireplace, furnace and water heater.  Some people think they require little or no maintenance.  But in order for your chimney to work effectively and safely your chimney needs to be cleaned once a year. 2nd Generations Chimneys in Minnesota is a reliable and knowledgeable company with a great reputation.  From chimney cleaning, chimney restoration and chimney relining they make sure  your chimney is in top working condition.  Call them at 612-922-9600 and visit them at www.2ndgenerationchimneys.com .

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