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Fall 2015 Newsletter

How to Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

Even in this day and age, everybody loves a fireplace. Before you start roasting those chestnuts or whatever else it is you do with your fireplace, though, you’re going to want to prepare it for more frequent use. Check out our tips on how to make your fireplace as safe and effective as possible this season.

Is there anything more cozy and romantic than a crackling fire in your living room? We’re talking about a fireplace, of course. House fires are distinctly un-romantic, and should never be used as a substitute for legitimate home heating. If you have a fireplace in your home, we’re quite jealous. Also, you should get it ready for the coming winter season! Whether you’re going to be hosting friends and family or just relaxing with a good book, you’re going to want to take some steps to make sure that your fireplace is ready for regular use. Read on for some tips on getting your fireplace ready for winter.

Get It Professionally Cleaned!

When you think of chimney sweeps, you probably imagine the musical variety of last century’s London. However, the profession of chimney sweeping is still alive and well in this day and age. If you’re planning on using your fireplace even a handful of times during the year, you should have your chimney professionally swept. All sorts of combustion byproducts can build up in the chimney after using the fireplace. Some byproducts, like creosote, are both flammable and act as insulating agents. These byproducts can start chimney fires if not cleaned out on a regular basis. So, get that chimney cleaned out before using your fireplace again!

Have the Fireplace Inspected

A fireplace may seem like a really simple construction. After all, it’s just a hole in the wall that you burn stuff in, right? Well, no, actually. A fireplace may not be as complex as a modern furnace or heat pump system, but it still needs professional service in order to keep operating the way it’s meant to. If you want your fireplace to remain in optimal shape this winter, you should have a professional examine it for issues that need repair. There are all sorts of wacky things that could be wrong with your fireplace, and you may not even know it! For example, did you know that bird nests are a very common chimney obstruction? If you light a fire in your fireplace while a bird’s nest is blocking the chimney, you’re in for a nasty surprise. The birds will be nice and warm, but your home will be filled with smoke. Unless you want your whole living room to smell like barbeque from now on, get your fireplace checked before using it after a long hiatus.

Fall and Winter Are Chimney Seasons, So Make Sure Yours Is Ready

Fires in your fireplace are the ideal accent to chilly end-of-year weather. But that depends on your chimney being up to code and ready to go: free of obstructions and architecturally sound. A reliable chimney service can help make sure there’s no problems when you’re ready for that cozy winter fire.

Nothing says “fall” like a cozy fire in your fireplace, and what would Christmas be without a lovely chimney for Santa to come sliding down? A chimney is likely one of the centerpieces of your home, providing inexpensive warmth and comfort as well as a romantic atmosphere for your family to enjoy. But all of that depends on a well-maintained chimney to work, and like anything else in your home, your chimney needs maintenance and occasional repair if it’s going to do its job .That’s why you should rely on the services of a professional to help maintain and repair your chimney system, It takes experience to handle any issues which may crop up, and you want those issues to be taken care of the right way, and sooner rather than later.

Chimney services tend to be divided into two categories, both of which need to be addressed if you want your holiday season to go off without a hitch. The first is general maintenance issues. That means removing creosote build-up from the interior walls of the chimney, removing detritus such as bird’s nests that may have built up during the summer and similar duties that don’t require any significant repairs. You should schedule such services with a qualified chimney sweep at least once a year, before the weather gets too cold and you need your fireplace on a regular basis.

When more significant repairs are needed, it’s important to spot them as quickly as possible and bring in an expert to take care of them. Shifting masonry could lead to your chimney’s collapse onto your roof or yard in the most extreme cases. Less dire but equally problematic is a cracked interior lining, which could cause heat to spread to flammable portions of your house such as interior walls or roof tiles. In such cases, you need to depend on a service that knows the specifics of chimney design and repair, rather than some generic handyman who may not have the skills to address the problem properly. That way, you can ensure that the issue is address properly, leaving no nasty surprises in wait to ruin your holiday season further on down the line.