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Signs You Need Chimney Restoration in Minneapolis

In the cold weather we’re currently having, a good fireplace is one of the best features you can have in a home: a cozy central spot that gives you the direct warmth you usually can’t get from a standard home furnace or boiler.

However, if the chimney that vents your fireplace has damage, that cozy spot might become hazardous. Although chimneys are built to withstand many stresses, they sometimes need restoration work. Here are some signs that you may need to contact a company like 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to restore your chimney in Minneapolis, MN.

Signs to look for that indicate a need for chimney repair

  • Smoke or fumes entering your home: If your chimney starts to shows signs that it has venting trouble, and the issue isn’t related to a closed damper or obstructions like animal nests, then you may need to have restoration done to flue to make sure it has the proper lining and sealing. Relining is often necessary to avoid having to fully re-build a damaged chimney.
  • Leaning chimney: It may at first look like an optical illusion, but if it turns out that your chimney is indeed starting to tilt, you need restoration work immediately to right it. A leaning chimney will put heavy stress on the building material of your home and will tear the lining and possibly allow fire and exhaust into the upper levels.
  • Missing bricks and stones: Although chimneys are built to handle both weather and internal heat, over time their mortar can begin to wear down and the bricks loosen. If you notice missing bricks or stones on your chimney, restoration is necessary—and it needs to be done soon, because each missing brick will cause the structure of the chimney to weaken even further.
  • Spalling bricks: When water enters a brick or stone and causes the surface to peel or flake off, it’s called “spalling.” If you notice bits of masonry falling off your chimney, then it’s probably spalling. If this continues without repairs, it could cause the whole chimney to collapse.
  • Damaged wallpaper: One of the best ways to recognize a chimney that is leaking excess moisture is to look at the wallpaper in the areas near the chimney. If you notice lumps, warping, or peeling, then you should call for chimney repair right away, since this moisture could come from damaged masonry or broken liners.

Please don’t allow the apparent sturdiness of your chimney to make you think it can survive without repairs. No one has yet built an invincible chimney that can resist all the effects of time and weather. Chimney repair requires experts in venting and masonry, so hire only certified chimney reliners approved by the Chimney Safety Institute of America for the job. If you want skilled chimney restoration in Minneapolis, MN, call on 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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