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Common Structural Problems with Chimneys

When you’re buying a home that is several decades old, you might assume that it’s in pretty good shape. After all, it’s lasted for this long without any problems, right? The worn look of an old chimney is not something every homeowner is concerned with, and it might give the home a rustic, vintage feel anyway. But structural issues with the chimney can actually cause you a lot of trouble, and it may even make your home unsafe.

Dilapidated or Missing Chimney Liner

One of the main issues with an older chimney is the lack of any chimney liner, or a liner that is so worn down, heat and combustion byproducts cannot vent properly away from the fireplace. This could make your chimney more susceptible to catching fire, so call a technician for an inspection today if you’re unsure of the shape you’re lining is in.

Misaligned or Damaged Materials

Another problem has to do with those structural issues on the outside of the chimney that seem to add some character to the building. The issues is that a chimney fire would spread to the outside of the home easily if a crack in the structure of the chimney allowed for movement. Call a chimney expert to see about repairing your dilapidated chimney.

Leaks at the Chimney Flashing

This is the point where your chimney meets the roof of your home. Poor sealing or poor configuration of the flashing around the chimney base can lead to water leaks inside of the home when it rains or snows. A professional can provide chimney flashing repair if you notice water leaks or if you’re concerned about the condition of your older chimney flashing.

Call the chimney experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for chimney repair, or for an inspection to find out if your chimney in Minneapolis, MN needs some work.

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