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A Few Chimney Basics Any Homeowner Should Know

If you’ve got a chimney that you use, even once or twice a year, there are a few things you should know about the way it works and about keeping it safe and efficient. We’ve compiled a list of just 3 things we wish every homeowner knew about the chimney, facts that can help you to understand proper maintenance procedures and that can save you some time and hassle down the road.

Chimneys Need Professional Attention

Perhaps the number one thing we want every homeowner to know is that a chimney needs attention, no matter the amount of use it gets over the years. During an annual service visit, a technician performs an inspection, which will allow for a look at structural damages, problems with the chimney lining, and any excessive creosote. It also includes chimney cleaning, so that you can get creosote out and reduce your chances of a chimney fire.

A Chimney Crown Keeps Water Out

In fact, a chimney crown is useful in a number of ways, but some homes still don’t have one, or else their chimney crowns (or caps) are worn down and doing an ineffective job at protecting the chimney. It keeps water out, along with unwanted debris, and it prevents animals from crawling inside.

Dry Wood Is Key to a Strong Fire

If you want to be a pro at building a fire in your fireplace, it all comes down to choosing the right firewood. Dry wood simply burns better, and your less likely to have a high creosote buildup as a result of incomplete combustion. We also recommend that you start with small pieces of wood, or kindling, and then progress to those larger logs to make sure it burns properly, and never use anything but wood for burning.

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