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Chimney Creosote: The Scariest Halloween Intruder

Halloween is all about things that go bump in the night. But at the end of the day, we know it’s all just pretend. Some of the scariest things that can actually get into your home, however, may already be there.

Creosote is a dangerous substance that you don’t want in your house. But it’s likely in your chimney right now! And unlike a spooky ghost, creosote cannot disappear on its own. You need chimney sweeps to clear out your chimney this fall, leaving you free to worry about more important things—like keeping goblins and vampires away from the home.

Is Creosote Really So Scary?

Creosote is a black, tarlike substance that forms as fuel combusts in your fireplace. Your chimney is designed so that smoke and other byproducts should rise safely out of the top of the home as you use the fireplace.

However, inevitably the heat from the fire and conditions outside the home and in the chimney allow for condensation to form in the flue, which combines with smoke and other byproducts to form creosote.

The problem with creosote is that it’s highly flammable. That means that a chimney fire could potentially spread to your home—fast—if you have a high level of creosote in your chimney. And that’s not something you can take lightly.

Minimize and Eliminate Creosote

This year, you can help to minimize the amount of creosote that enters your chimney by ensuring you follow proper fuel-burning techniques. That means only using seasoned wood (firewood that has dried for 6 months or more) and ensuring the fire gets enough oxygen.

And the most important step you can take this year is to schedule chimney and fireplace inspections and chimney sweeping. This is best done in the fall, before you start using your fireplace regularly. That way, you can make sure the rest of the season is full of treats—not tricks.

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