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Chimney Inspection Horror Stories

At 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc., we’re familiar with chimneys that haven’t gotten a proper inspection for many years and the troubles that can form in them. Even though a fireplace makes a wonderful and cozy addition to a home, people don’t like to think about the unseen interior of the chimney that vents the smoke to the outside, so they let those important inspections slide. However, a chimney that goes without any sort of inspection can develop serious issues, such as soot blockages and cracks in the masonry. And then there are issues that go beyond “serious” and enter the “horror story” realm. Here are two of them, both of which you can easily avoid in Eden Prairie, MN with chimney inspections being performed on a regular basis.

Raccoons: Bird nests are a common animal-related trouble you’ll find in chimneys with broken caps. Other creatures known to crawl into chimneys include rats and squirrels. But raccoons are the worst intruders of all. These masked bandits are extremely intelligent, persistent, and have infiltrated far into suburban areas where they have become territorial. They pose a major issue in Minnesota towns today. Raccoons will think uncapped chimneys are hollow trees and try to lair in them, and they are tough to remove. (Don’t try to smoke one out under any circumstances.) An annual inspection will make sure you have a raccoon-proof chimney.

Dangerous creosote build-up: Creosote is the residue left over from the burning of coal or wood. You will find this in any fireplace or chimney—but if you leave a chimney without inspection and cleaning for many years, this buildup can turn into a fire hazard. It will become worse if your chimney has poor airflow. Creosote is highly combustible, and if enough of it chokes up your chimney, a single spark might ignite a large fire that can spread to your roof. Far fewer homes would catch fire each year if people signed up for regular chimney inspections.

You may have heard that chimneys only need inspection every five years. This is a myth, and a potentially hazardous one. We recommend that your chimney receives an annual sweeping service which includes a full inspection to search for common—and uncommon—problems. 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers three levels of annual sweeping to fit your needs and budget. Don’t allow any of these horror stories to turn into your horror story: contact us today to sign up for a Eden Prairie, MN chimney inspection service.

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