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How Your Chimney Damper Saves You Money in the Summer

Most people do not show too much concern for their chimneys in the summertime. But summer gives you a perfect opportunity to work on this part of your home. You’re not using it, technicians aren’t busy at this time of year, and they’ll have more time to focus on your chimney.  Scheduling chimney cleaning protects your home from fires as well. And one chimney service can even save you money on cooling costs: damper installation or repair.

Chimneys are sources of heat and air loss

Without a quality chimney damper in place, your air conditioner would have to work a little harder in the summertime and your heater would have to go into overtime in the winter. Heat and air could escape from your chimney, which means you end up paying a lot more in monthly utility costs.

Most chimneys have dampers in place to prevent this from happening. Usually, there’s just a handle you have to lift up in the throat of the chimney to get the damper to open. Be sure to keep the damper closed all summer, and remember to open it again before you build a fire so you don’t smoke up the room.

Install a new damper or schedule repairs today

In the summer, it’s a good idea to have your chimney cleaned and inspected as part of routine maintenance. During the inspection, ask your technician whether your chimney damper is sealing properly and doing a good job of keeping air in. Your technician might recommend that you replace the seal if air is escaping out of the home, or you may require a brand new chimney damper. Or, your damper may be misaligned and require a minor adjustment.

Our certified chimney specialists are happy to have a look at your damper, install a new one, or replace an older damper. Contact our team for chimney services in the Minneapolis area. Call Us Today! 612.922.9600 or 1-888-PIXLEYS


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