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Common Problems with a Chimney Liner

While masonry chimneys made of brick and mortar may be beautiful and timeless, it’s not a safe material for smoke and other byproducts to move through. That’s why you have a chimney liner—or you should—inside of your chimney that improves ventilation as a fire burns in your fireplace.

Without a good chimney liner, there is a much higher risk of a chimney fire. It could quickly spread to the outside of your home, and that is something you want to avoid at all costs. Here are some common problems with chimney liners you should know about, and which your technician should check for during an inspection.

Inaccurate Liner Sizing

It’s all too common for a chimney liner to be improperly sized for the fireplace or stove it serves. Often, fireplace inserts are added or a new stove installed without considering the size of the chimney liner. And a chimney liner that is too small may lead to faster condensation buildup and poor drafting. One that is too large may allow creosote to build up quickly, which is highly combustible.

Cracks and Other Hazards

If there are cracks in your chimney liner, you must have it fixed before you use the chimney. This increases the chance that a small fire that starts in the chimney could spread to the masonry, and then to the outside of your home. That’s why it’s so important to have a thorough inspection long before you plan to use your chimney.

No Liner At All

Unfortunately, a lot of chimneys are without any liner whatsoever. Older chimneys did not have this requirement, and to this day, many homes still do not have one. Make sure your chimney is inspected each year, and find out whether you’ve been using a chimney that is rather dangerous. Remedy the problem with the help of a qualified chimney sweep.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers chimney liner inspections, repairs, and more. Call us for all you need to have a safe chimney this year.

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