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Fixing Flashing: The Key to Many Chimney Leaks

If snow and rain are able to leak into your home, you’ve got some major issues on your hands. Not only is it costly to repair the water damage, but the issue can occur again and again if you don’t narrow down the source of the problem. One of the most common reasons for major roof leaks is poor sealing around the chimney, an area of sheet metal known as flashing.

What is chimney flashing?

The flashing is basically the sealing between the chimney and the rooftop. It typically consists of two overlapping layers: the step flashing and the counterflashing. The first layer of step flashing is made up of L-shaped sheet metal that laps up the bottom of the chimney like steps. The counterflashing seals into the mortar between the bricks in your chimney, and it folds down over the step flashing to create the overlapping layer.

How Leaks Occur

There are tiny breaks in between the flashing that could be vulnerable to leakage if the technician does not pay attention to them and add on an adequate amount of caulking. The corners are a major source of leakage, as are poorly planned slopes where water is able to build up easily. Cracks can form over time, or building materials may simply wear down.

Inspect the chimney once a year

You must schedule chimney inspections each year if you want to prevent such leaks from occurring in the first place. A good technician will look over every visible portion of your chimney masonry, including the flashing, so that you can make repairs before major water damage hits your property. If you have not gotten an inspection yet this year, call your local chimney sweeps.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. can repair your masonry and your chimney flashing in St. Paul, MN. Call us today! 612.922.9600 or 1-888-PIXLEYS

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