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Make Chimney Cleaning Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Spring cleaning is a time to dig through boxes and bins you haven’t touched in years, donate clothes you never wear, and finally clean off the top of that bookshelf you always seem to miss. You can feel a sense of relief knowing that your home is a lot less cluttered and dusty. And if you fit spring chimney cleaning into your schedule, you can feel better about a whole lot more.

Chimney cleaning keeps you safe

Chimney cleaning is unlike those other spring cleaning tasks, which, while tedious, make a visible change for your home. Chimney cleaning can potentially help to get rid of any smells that may have been coming from the fireplace, but the biggest difference is something you won’t be able to smell or see (without the right equipment).

Cleaning out the inside of your chimney helps to keep you safe. Dangerous creosote buildup can develop quickly inside of your chimney as a result of the combustion process. This highly flammable substance makes it easier for a fire to start and to spread.

You must have professionals clean out the chimney for you. But when you hire a quality chimney sweep, you can feel better about your home safety, since the inside of your chimney flue is free of combustible debris. In addition, chimney cleaning includes an inspection, so that you can learn about any structural safety issues you need to get repaired.

There’s no time like the present

We know that there aren’t many warm days left where you’ll want to use your chimney and fireplace. Still, spring is the perfect time to get your chimney cleaned. You’ll get rid of all the stuff that built up after a winter of use, and you’ll have the entire summer to make any repairs well before you want to use your chimney again. You’re already motivated to clean your home for the spring, so call a certified chimney sweep for help!

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