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What Can We Find with a Chimney Inspection?

We know that spring is here and you don’t think too much about the condition of your heating equipment right now. But you’d be surprised to hear about what types of problems may have developed in your chimney over the past couple of seasons. Schedule a chimney inspection each and every year, so that you can feel confident that your family is safe the next time you use your chimney.

Structural Damage

One of the major findings that can really make a difference in your safety and wellbeing is if a chimney has structural damages. Damage to the outside of the masonry may allow a fire to spread throughout a home more easily, or it could allow water leaks and other home maintenance issues.

Poor Construction

It may turn out that your chimney has been unsafe for a long time due to shoddy construction, or due to the fact that it is an older chimney that does not comply with current safety standards. Technicians may find that you need a new chimney liner or some major reconstruction before it is safe to use again.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a black tarlike substance that forms as a byproduct as a fire is burning in the fireplace. When there’s too much creosote in the chimney, it becomes a fire hazard, since this substance is so combustible. An inspection typically goes hand-in-hand with a chimney sweeping, but techs may find that a thorough cleaning is in order.

Larger Debris

Large debris inside of the chimney could potentially ignite and cause problems with chimney efficiency and ventilation. During an inspection in the springtime, it’s possible that a technician will find birds’ nests or other habitats in the chimney, which is why we typically recommend a chimney crown to help keep critters away.

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