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Minneapolis Chimney Care Tips: Chimney Video Inspections

In Minneapolis improperly lined chimneys, deteriorating interiors or blockages from creosote buildup or animal debris can all be dangerous for you and your family and in some cases present potential fire hazards. To avoid these problems without having your chimney cleaned more often than is necessary, chimney video inspection allows you to see what is happening inside your chimney at an affordable cost.

What You Are Looking for

Chimney video inspection services are designed to catch little things that would be otherwise impossible to see with the naked eye. These include:

  • Poor construction
  • Fire damage
  • Poor gas appliance connections
  • Missing Tile Liners or Mortar Joints
  • Missing or Hidden Breachings
  • Blockages
  • Thimble Holes
  • Bad Connections

All of these things can require chimney repairs liner and present danger to you and your family if not properly fixed but many of them cannot be easily seen from inside the house without a video line. The easy solution is to look in the chimney.

When to Get a Video Inspection

Video inspections are useful in many situations. You may opt to have a video inspection done before you buy a home for the first time or before you have a new heating system installed to ensure there are no hidden costs you’ll need to pay.

Insurance adjusters and fire inspectors use video inspection after a fire to determine what caused it; you should be proactive and use the same technology before anything like that can occur. Even if you find nothing during a video inspection of your chimney, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your chimney is in good shape, ready to prevent any potential future problems for years to come.

The last thing anyone wants is a bum chimney leaking acidic liquid into their home or posing a fire hazard. Use video inspection to avoid these problems and you’ll be set.  Call 2nd Generation Chimneys with any questions.

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