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Getting to Know Your Minneapolis Chimney: What is a Chimney Crown?

Using a fireplace or wooden stove to heat a home is an antiquated notion to some. To others, though, there is simply nothing more comforting, relaxing and charming than a fire or wood burning stove keeping your home warm. If you are anything like the Minneapolis chimney experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, the sound and feeling of a comfortable fire is something to really look forward to.

Of course, the condition of your chimney is integral to the safe, successful operation of your fireplace or wood stove. We believe that homeowners should have some general idea of how their chimneys work and what function the different components serve. Here is some information about the chimney crown that sits atop your chimney and the important job that it performs.

Your chimney is exposed all year long to extreme heat and the iciest cold. That can really take a toll over the years. The function of your chimney crown is to protect the structural integrity of your chimney. Generally speaking, the mortar at the top of your chimney is weaker than at other points. To prevent your chimney from degrading from the top down, your chimney crown protects this vulnerable area from the weather throughout the year.

Many homeowners also opt to include a chimney cap on their chimney. Oftentimes the chimney and cap and chimney crown are confused. While the chimney crown is a mortared section of your chimney, the chimney cap is a roofed addition. The function of this chimney component is to prevent rain, snow, leaves and even vermin from entering your chimney. Ideally, a chimney crown and chimney cap will both be utilized in an effort to fully protect your chimney, both inside and out, from any debris or critters that may compromise its integrity.

For more information about the parts and function of your chimney, call the Minneapolis chimney cleaning and sweeping experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys. Our chimney specialists have the answers to any questions you may still have about the importance of your chimney crown. Contact us today for more information.

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