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We Use the Chim-Scan System for Chimney Inspections

We want you to have a safe and happy holiday season. But an uninspected chimney can be a serious barrier to this. Spending the holidays around a warm, welcoming fire may seem like the perfect family time, but hidden dangers could lurk in the chimney and fireplace.

Routine chimney cleaning is a good way to protect your home, but it’s nothing without a complete inspection before and after. Call our team for more information about chimney cleaning services, and find out why we use the Chim-Scan video scanner below.

Why You Need a Chimney Inspection

A chimney fire is a possibility in any home where the chimney is used, even only a couple of times a year. If the chimney is full of creosote—a flammable, tarlike substance that cakes onto the lining of the chimney naturally as a byproduct of combustion—a chimney fire is more likely.

A chimney inspection helps chimney sweeps to determine the severity of the creosote levels in your chimney before cleaning it out. In addition, they can learn about any internal flue or masonry damage that requires attention to prevent fires from spreading to the outside of the home. Afterwards, a chimney scanner ensures that the chimney sweep’s job is truly done.

How Chim-Scan Chimney Inspection Equipment Works

A chimney video scanner is in common usage with professional chimney cleaning and inspections. And we think the Chim-Scan system is the best brand for the job. Chim-Scan systems can inspect the smallest of flue pipes and the largest of chimney flues.

Any condensation or soot left behind in the chimney could be dangerous. But a Chim-Scan system gives our chimney sweeps the clearest image of what may be left behind in the flue. The camera is easy to stabilize and rotate, and can be used to gather data for Level 1 and Level 2 chimney inspections.

If you need chimney cleaning or inspections in the Minneapolis, MN area, call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. We will make sure your chimney is safe with a Chim-Scan inspection.

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