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What Causes Structural Damage to Chimneys?

While some people think that structural damage to a masonry chimney seems charming, it’s a serious issue. That vintage chimney appearance may be dangerous. Structural damage to the bricks may allow a chimney fire in the flue to spread to the outside of your home.

So what causes chimney damage in the first place? We go over a few causes below. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should have your chimney repaired as soon as possible. Summer is a great time to call a technician to take on this project so that your chimney is ready to use in the winter.

Water Damage

Water is one of the most dangerous substances that can enter a chimney. It causes the structure of the chimney to deteriorate faster. Metal parts may become rusted, which means the damper might not open and close properly. But also, the brick and mortar may be affected.

If it gets into the chimney, water vapor may contribute to the development of creosote in the flue. Creosote is a flammable substance that results from incomplete combustion in the chimney.

Poor Construction

It’s possible that improper construction of the chimney and flue vent could allow a fire to spread, or it could make it easier for water damage to occur. Improper layout of the flashing, where the chimney meets the roof, can allow for leakage. Poor sealing at the mortar may allow flue expansion to occur more easily.


Ground movement near the chimney, such as construction on or near the home, might cause the structure to be shaken up. Pay attention to this possibility and arrange for a chimney inspection with a qualified technician after any major construction nearby.

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