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What Is the Process for Restoring My Chimney?

Does your fireplace no longer work as it once did? Do you find that your heated air does not effectively radiate into your living space, but escapes through the cracks in the chimney? Has your chimney been damaged by fire? There are various ways in which your chimney can be damaged over the years, whether by wear and tear or by fire and water damage. As an integral part of your fireplace, and therefore directly linked to the comfort of your home during the heating season, your chimney needs to be serviced by a professional. While routine fireplace maintenance tasks like chimney sweeping can be helpful, some problems are so severe as to warrant complete chimney restoration. The scale of this job depends on what the problems are, but we can find a unique solution for your home.

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Here are some aspects to consider when dealing with chimney restoration in St. Paul.

  • Crown. The crown or mortar cap as it also known is the top of the chimney that prevents water from seeping into the chimney over time and down into the firebox. It is critical to ensure that your crown is in good condition at all times. Whether yours has been damaged by fire or water, it can be detrimental to the integrity of your entire chimney, thus putting your home and your comfort at risk.
  • Mortar damage. The mortar is the material that holds your chimney together. Without it, your dry bricks would simply collapse and the chimney would not be properly sealed. While it tends to last a long time when professionally pointed, it will not last forever. Moisture, as well as fire, can both damage the condition of your mortar joints. When this occurs, your entire chimney is at risk. We can provide comprehensive inspection and repointing as well as sealing to prevent the wear and tear of water over time.

Let 2nd Generation Chimneys take care of your masonry services so that your fireplace and chimney are restored to full functionality and energy efficiency.

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